Miracle in a Fruit & Its Impact

Miracle in a Fruit
A high nutrient rich seasonal fruit , that can really create an impact in people especially the  health conscious individuals. One of the primary ingredients of guacamole, this pear shaped /round fruit can almost have a book talking extensively on its huge benefits and impact Rich with more than 20 vitamins, this is one fruit that can be equal to a complete meal or satisfying or your nutrient requirements to stay fit
It is none other than avocado
Don’t be surprised though if you still haven’t heard of this wonder fruit. Truth is, the awareness of this fruit is indeed extremely low compared to any other popular fruits. Walk into a fruit shop and the most common fruits you’d end up seeing is watermelon, banana, lemon, pineapple, orange, apples and papaya but not avocado.
Some may warn you before eating , that it’s a fruit that’s loaded with a lot of fat content, but what they aren’t telling you is that its got only the good fat. A type of fat called oleic acid , that’s nothing but a mono-saturated fatty acid consisting of olive oil
The English decided on naming it avogato pear ,the French on “Avocat” while the Germans called it the Advogato. Interestingly, southern India refers to it as “Butter Fruit” (VennaiPazham in Tamil) owing to its sweetened and vanilla flavoured taste it naturally brings along. So next time you go ask a fruit seller for an “Avocado”, he probably may give you a blank staring assuming you are speaking in Greek
When and where ?
Being a rare fruit, Avocado is seen to grow only in sub tropical climates, which has no frost and little wind. Being a climatic fruit, it matures on the tree, while ripens off it. So pick wisely the next time you’re in a fruit shop picking up this delicious fruit and ensure its not spoilt by bacteria and fungus and it doesn’t have any discoloration.
The Impact of Avocado :
Avocado is loaded with innumerable benefits that supersedes the combined benefits of many fruits.
So here’s a pick of the top benefits that Avocado can give you
 As already said, owing to its high monosaturated fat content, avocado can be a great source of supplements and energy . So next time you are wondering why is olive oil a  “heart healthy” one, its because of its avocado oleic acid source
This oleic acid content has also proven to reduce inflammation and even have positive effects on genes linked to cancer

  • Weight Loss : Fat and weight loss usually don’t get together, but in the case of avocado it actually does. With a rich fiber content, almost 7 % of its weight, it contributes directly to weight loss and overall metabolism and fitness
  • Cholestrol : Supplementing to the previous points, avocado is strongly linked to having positive effects on preventing or curing heart diseases. It has the potential to absorb the excess bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol by nearly 11%
  • Blood Pressure : Similar to cholesterol , scientific studies have clearly shown that the blood triglycerides increased by 20% and lower the LDL cholesterol by a sharp 22%
  • One other significant effect of avocado is its anti oxidising agent, in other words age defying and good eye sight
  • Cancer prevention , reducing side effects of chemotherapy , reducing the pain of arthritis can be attributed to the other amazing benefits of this miracle of a fruit

So start whipping up a nice glass of avocado milkshake right way as you march on to the path of a
healthy and happy Fantastico life
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