Impact of Fitness

All those dietary supplements  you, starving yourself to hunger as you manage to resist that red velvet cake presented in front of you. Yet you find yourself grabbing a bite as its too inviting and you kiss away all those weeks of determination to reduce weight, get those powerful abs and be fit
Impact of fitness on overall health and its effect on longevity is slowly spreading, especially among youngsters. Without staying or not exercising on a regular basis, the fat and cholesterol can accumulate inside the body without any activity to burn it and can cause ill effects in the long run. It starts with a paunch, frequent illness like fever, cold and body pain, mental fatigue and zero stamina to resist diseases.

A good 60min exercise a day makes the body rejuvenate and works every muscle in the body. All those calories you took through that piece of cake gets burnt as you sweat your way through fitness and a clean lifestyle

Be it a good heavy workout at the gym or doing cardio exercises or even a nice Yoga early in the day can make you feel so good to look forward for a beautiful day. Every calorie burnt in the gym results in saving thousands of rupees spent in health clinics and hospitals. Almost any medicine may have a temporary cure to help you recover from a particular ailment but doesn’t guarantee its non-occurrence.

Exercise on the other hand builds a power resistance mechanism around the body and thereby providing complete protection all the time. Strangely the Government has aimed its initiatives around keeping things clean around the streets and inside home and having a balanced diet through health programmes. But they haven’t really advocated around fitness or provided options to make it easy for people to join fitness clubs. In fact the service tax for gyms are only increasing every year adding to the burden of the common people who also have a goal of working out regularly in the gym. There are parks which are being modernized which aids in parking but again not available in every area nor are there government funded fitness zones. When the government realizes the impact of fitness to result in a healthy and youthful nation, it may probably concentrate their efforts in working towards the same. Keeping things clean inside your home or streets is good thing, but a clean body is also important for a healthy lifestyle

Fitness may be a holistic term as it not only involves lifting heavy weights or running in a treadmill but involves a lot of other components as well. These may include Cycling, balanced nutritional diet, cutting down on calorie/cholesterol/fatty foods, taking the stairs every time instead of a lift, being active throughout the day and a regular sleep cycle
Hopefully everyone realizes the impact of fitness towards a fantastico life and start working towards it

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