The Journey Begins with the MotoE

Sometimes you will never the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory            

 – Unknown Proverb             
“Truly, happy memories always live on. Over time, one by one, they come back to life“, says an ancient Japanese proverb.  I cannot fathom but realize how true it is. We have accumulated and cherished so many memories in the past that they still continue to live before us in our eyes. Especially, if the memory is about the first time of the experience, it’s an even special one and you may probably talk about it on and on, forever with your friends
The memory could be a first day in college, the first time you rode a bicycle, your first computer, first international vacation, first flight trip and last not but not the least, the first mobile phone(A Moto SLVR L9 and a Nokia 1100)

Here’s some of my collection from the Gallery of the Firsts
My First Indiblogger Meet

My First College Tour


My first International Flight

My First day at office

My First trip to Singapore

My First Camel trip in the Desert

Last not but the Least
My First Mobile Phones
MOTO SLVR L9               Nokia 1100
The mobile phone is an integral part of my life, and it can become so difficult even when I’m separated for a short period of time. I cant even begin to think what my life was like, before it was launched
I still remember the day when I walked into a store and bought my first pair of mobile phones (one a classic Moto SLVR L9 and additionally the Nokia 1100. Both were rock solid phones that ruled the roost in those days with almost no or little competition. Even their presence carried a swag on its own with lots of eye turning with their unique mobile ring tones. Unlike many mobile phones of today, the above phones were very light weight , minimal specs,a battery that lasted for 3-4 days easily, an extremely easy user interface and last not but the least , not matter how many times you dropped it, it was still rock solid and worked like a charm
The recent launch of the Moto E (2nd Gen) has excited me so much that it has rekindled the memories and fun I had when i bought and used my mobile phone for the first time in my life.
The revolutionary design, extremely impressive range of inbuilt hardware specs (that one could see only in a 500 dollar phone), a 5MP HD camera ,the MOTO brand name and of course a Rs.6999 price tag  makes this an irresistible piece of machinery , one cannot do without. So it wasn’t quite surprising that I chose to make the Smartphone upgrade to buy the new Moto E.
So what amazing things I can do with my Moto E? Here’s a list of how I’ll #ChoosetoStart the amazing journey
  • Create a Revolution : Well there are infinite possibilities with a MOTO E. So why not create a revolution and let the world know what you stand for by using the phone and spreading your message through the internet

  • Write my First Mobile Novel/Short Story  : With so many typing apps being launched, it’s become far easier to write your book on the go in a mobile than on a laptop / pen and paper

    Source :–C8n2QR6q–/18s0yqd8yvo1wjpg.jpg
  • Protect my Heart  : With a simple heart monitor band around your arm and installing a Heart Monitor app in MOTOE, you can start monitoring your heart status and even overall fitness levels to keep everything in check. You can just save those on expensive medical checks to the hospital 
    Source :

  • Learn to Cook : Why waste on those expensive cooking classes , when you can power the Youtube app in your phone,and play the cooking videos to learn to make “DIY foods”
  • Use it as an NFC Card : I’d eventually start using the MOTOE for making NFC payments instead of my credit cards or cash payments 
  • Save a Friend : MotoE is not just a phone to me , but it’s like a emergency device for me too. When a friend is in distress, all he needs to do is press a distress button from an app, and I’ll have him traced through the GPS in my phone and go to his rescue immediately
    Here’s a list of “usual” things I would #ChooseToStart my smartphone journey with the new MotoE

    • Migrate:
    First thing I’d do is to migrate my data from my older phones to this new Moto E , so that I can remain synced up with my personal information and contacts

    Source :×354.jpg

    • Action Packed Gaming

    So being an ardent gamer since childhood, the first thing I’d do is install a lot of Action Packed games from the Google Play Store and get involved in some hardcore gaming throughout the night
    With a 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor , 1 GB Ram and a 8GB ROM , any racing / first person shooter game should run smoothly without any lags

                                           Source :

    • Vacation Shoot 

    Of course, the first thing I’d do purchasing the new MotoE, is to hop on to a vacation(probably to Goa) and click endless HD pictures of the surroundings and the adventures

    Source : From my own Camera

    • Selfies 

    A very welcome upgrade to the new MotoE is the front camera ,which basically shows how much they actually listen to consumer feedback and I greatly appreciate this feature

    So to catch up on the Selfie-mania ,I’d simply do a double twist of the wrist to launch the front camera and get clicking on those selfies

    • Listen/Read Audio and E-Books

    Being the bookwork, I’d love to carry all my novels and magazines everywhere I travel and that often seemed to form the bulk of my weight. With the new MotoE, I’d finally take the Digital Route and buy the e-book/Audio Book versions of my favourite novels and directly download them to my phone. With Adobe Reader and other E-book reader apps from play-store,I’d probably convert my phone to a mini-library 

    • Become a Social Media Ronin
    Catching up with others has never become so easy with the massive revolution in Social media. The no of social apps one can possibly install in a phone is endless and that’s just the beginning
    Facebook, Twitter,Line,BBM,Messenger,WhatsApp,Instagram, SnapChat, Vine, LinkedIn are just some of the apps I can begin with installing in my phone to contribute to those endless status updates and likes

    • Bling It On
    The first thing I usually do post purchasing a new phone is to accessorize it. So i’d search for some interesting back panels for the phone or even replace the outer bands to define my accent colour for the phone

    Source :
    • Work and E-Mails
    I’m a data science professional and its imperative that I am connected most of the times with my work data
    So the new Moto E helps me to connect to my work E-Mail, work on presentations and excel applications using the MS Office app and work on the go while I utilize my travelling time in the most effective manner 

    As they say the best thing about memories is making them.So go ahead and make your own memories with the New MotoE.

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