Health is wealth indeed!

In a fast moving environment and lifestyle such as ours, the key goal is to make money and more of it as much as possible. We never stop to consider what we sacrifice in pursuit of that . We spend countless hours in offices and at work to monetize our efforts as much as possible in order to lead a very wealthy lifestyle. But what should be of paramount importance is the notion to lead a healthy lifestyle than a wealthy one
There have been several instances where I have seen people skip breakfast or lunch in order to attend that important meeting or complete work before the client presentation. The same goes for our kids as well, where the schools apply way too much pressure on them to attain high marks in exams and never for once stress on the importance of eating a balanced diet at regular intervals.
Peer pressure, School Pressure, Parental Pressure , Tuition pressure and most of all exam pressure can literally make any student go nuts . In this relentless battle to be one step ahead of the next student, every child goes through a hardship every single day , be it a weekday or a weekend ! Amidst all these chaos and hectic schedules, they pretty much gobble anything that they can find and never have enough time to have a proper meal or much less breakfast.

The stories of lunchboxes being returned home with exactly how it is packed tells us one too many stories on children foregoing lunch hours to spend it on writing records or studying for next hour tests . Same goes for breakfast, where children rush to the bus stops without completing their breakfast before the school van leaves

I happened to know during my school days ,a student who used to be extremely good in studies and was very studious and hardworking in achieving his goals. He studied in a very reputed school, probably one of the top most ranked schools in the country. Being a top ranked school, the school applied insurmountable pressure in their students, where those who didn’t average above the 80% mark was constantly terminated .

The kid in order to be at the top spent even more hours than one can possibly spend for studies foregoing almost everything in life, be it friends, family or even food . He hardly touched food and simply ate spoonful’s of food which his mom gave whenever she could possibly see him

The exams approached and he even more crazy hours burning the midnight oil in order to attain a centum in all subjects. On the exam day , as like any other days , he skipped breakfast and went straight to the exam . After sleeping for just over two hours the previous day and having just a coffee before the exam , the guy within minutes of the examination fainted

They took him to the hospital where the doctor said , the kid had become very anaemic ,was running a high temperature and  had almost no strength in body and prone to any disease . What could have been the most highlight of his career turned out to be a disaster ,where he obviously failed the exam and also had to miss the next one after being hospitalized and wasted an entire year to sit and reappear again for the board exams.
His career also took a nosedive from that point and even the following year, due to the second attempt, had to settle for a lesser known college which gave him little or rather no opportunities to progress further
The whole episode could have been avoided if he simply concentrated more on the food and had a good intake of all minerals, nutrients and vitamins in a balanced diet. Or even simpler, if he had a regular intake of Dabur Chyawanprash, which has anti-oxidant properties and helps to strengthen your body’s internal defence mechanism – the immune system – thereby protecting you from day to day infections such as cough, cold and also has more than 40 other natural ingredients to maintain a balanced diet        

The ingredients help the immune system by providing the following benefits: Anti stress, Antioxidants, Providing strength,General Health, Improves memory, and a rejuvenator

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