Coffee Drinkers are from South ; Tea Drinkers are from North

This is a post from the after effects of “2 states” by Chetan Bhagat.

A wonderful book written on the life story of Chetan himself, it goes on to describe the cultural differences between the North and the South in a rather shady way. With a clever introductory note, about his love for the south, and hence his right to dig at them, had struck a rather negative chord with me

What struck me even more was the harsh reality that actually prevails, which made him to write on a biased perception of 2 different states, Punjab and TN. The former being his home turf, while the latter a place which he describes about, pretty much based on his first visit.

A book, pretty much based on the pre-cell phone and pre-internet era , talks about or rather bashes Chennai about everything , that it has not been .The author illustrates the characters who hails from North India to discuss on the “dark skinned Madrasi” who listens to “strange songs” early in the morning (Suprabhatham) , eating strange coloured vegetables and tons of rice in a banana leaf , one who loves curd rice for dinner ,has no fashion sense and of course glorifies the Thalaivar(Super star Rajnikanth) in his every flick

If one gets to feel, at this juncture, I am defending myself to dispel the myths that are illustrated in the book above, you’d rather be mistaken. You could probably treat this as a first hand info about Chennai/TN from a person who’s been born and brought up in that city

The city shares its land with a vast sense of communities among the Tamil Sect itself and the myth about it having mostly dark skinned people is a pathetic joke, one could say. At this point, I’d rather say, what’s in a color, than defend myself of the fairness among my city people. The same applies to their fashion sense or their cuisine and daily habits

The feeling one goes through when people remarks against people of their own country of a different culture could be rather agonizing . Everything from a Sardarji joke to a Madrasi joke, not to mention the interstate rivalries for mere necessities like water and electricity might have put India to Shame.

As the quote says, if Mahatma Gandhi was born 500 years ago in a different country, he would have been worshipped as God now.

Similarly, if Sachin were to belong to a country like UK or the US, he would have been given an immortal god status, and probably declared as King, rather than being insulted by illiterate hooligans, who blames him for not promoting his fellow mates.

Absolutely no offence to my fellow Maharashtrians, but rather directed at the people who is actually responsible for tarnishing its image in the name of Religion and State communities like the Shiv Senas and the Sri Ram Senas . Even more shocking, is their open admission of their inglorious attack on media offices (or their brutal attack on women in clubs, discs) in national television and their justification of the acts. With no possibility of justice, even remotely, thanks to their unyielding power on the ruling as well as the opposing parties, the attacks could well be on the rise and definitely more to come. The irony of the situation is, they give the reason being to oppose anti cultural activities, while they involve in hooliganizing and attacking the innocent women, who should rather be respected and revered, rather than moral policing them
(One thing they could learn from the dreaded Mafia in Italy, is that, no matter what, the women and children are never touched nor involved)

The paradox that could leave a non Indian baffled is how one’s adaptability and adjustment to the US/Uk culture is far easier and more welcomed than a culture which a fellow country man follows
It makes me think, is it unity in diversification or rather should be termed as diversification in unity?

We belong to a human race, that is supreme and unparalled by mere definitions. We don’t need to seek together to protect it, but rather be someone who doesn’t destroy it
As aptly quoted in Batman Begins “We need to seek the means to fight injustice. To turn fear against those who prey on the fearful.”


6 thoughts on “Coffee Drinkers are from South ; Tea Drinkers are from North

  1. And we teach kids about Unity in Diversity in school..tell me won't a child be confused if u talk about unity in diversity in school and then show gory details of hooligans beating up ladies or north indians on TV?

    Nice post.

  2. The author of has written an excellent article. You have made your point and there is not much to argue about. It is like the following universal truth that you can not argue with: Just because two things happen at the same time, doesn't necessarily mean thay had anything to do with each other Thanks for the info.

  3. i read your post and quite liked it. I hail from north India but can still say your complains are genuine. I stayed in pondicherry for 3 years and I love the place and people.
    Just to add that chetan is a businessman and he has done his job. He focused mainly north indian crowd hence he mocked saying dark skinned madrasis etc with an introductory note describing is false love for southies(except the gal, not sure even abt her). To some extent he's right that many northies have such impression about south but only those who are naive of the place, its cultural heritage. Don't feel bad abt it. Just see he wanted some business and you helped him in that reading his book.

    You write good 🙂

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