Kuselan !

An off-the beat movie , with the Superstar Rajnikanth donning an entirely different role (every movie he does don a diff role ). Now its him on the big screen, as the actor himself.

Story though revolving around a friendship , actually ends up portraying how a dull mundane town awakens with a fresh lease of life , in a grand way , with just a small visit by the Superstar in lieu of his shooting .

Quite shocking and surprising to see the superstar in a small role like this , with more focus given to Pasupathi.(Definitely disappointing and irritating for all his fans including me). Yet , he manages to pull off with his spectacular performance, style and his impeccably dialogue delivery loaded with punch lines

Bordering on the lines of an art film , yet managing to draw in big crowds with the marketing based mainly on the “Rajnikanth ” factor , the movie contains something for all.. Rip roaring comedy by Vadivelu , some terrific awe inspiring punch lines and style from the BOSS , sentiments,bits and pieces of glamour and some thought provoking scenes.Everything packed into one , but yet manages to move away from any Rajnikanth movie(A pardadigm shift indeed !) .GOSH ,there isnt even a fight scene in this movie , which so happens to be a Rajni movie.That takes some guts by the director !

As far as the music is concerned , the songs lack any life in it , though Prakash has scored well on the BGM ..The same goes with Nayanthara , who manages to stifle a big yawn…

Despite all of these , the movie is simply too good , and a must watch . For everyone .. not just his fans..

IS he the greatest actor India has ever produced ?
But of course..No exceptions !!

4 thoughts on “Kuselan !

  1. with the Superstar Rajnikanth donning an entirely different role (every movie he does don a diff role )

    lol.. really?

    Most of the movies he acted will have any one of the below as its story line:

    1. Financially poor hero becoming a rich person overnight…

    2. A noble wealthy person all of a sudden becomes poor because of some villain… and re-emerging successfully fighting all the barriers…

    3. A hero born to a wealthy father but for some circumstances he will be brought up in care of some poor couple(knowing or unknowing about his background)…

    some examples: sivaji, padayappa, arunachalam, muthu, adhisaya piravi, panakkaran, velaikaran, annamalai, badsha, padikkadhavan, mannan…. list goes on….


  2. Hi Jai, iam Selva

    i don’t need any different role from my own Superstar.i just need his appearance.i think he is doing cinemas only for me.plz keep ur mouth shut

  3. Selva…

    If you need just his appearance… pls have his photo handy… its enough… what is the need to produce a movie with same story again and again investing crores and crores of rupees… jus to swindle money from all innocent fans like you?! rajini is just a businessman. cannot be considered as a gud artist.

  4. hi mr jai…

    i beg to differ that rajini is simply using these poor to rich storylines just to market himself.Im sorry but im under the impression that the scriptwriter and director chooses the storyline not rajini.Unless ure talking bout vijay who has the same masala formula for all his movies?

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