Networks Cashing on Festivals

Its just two days post Diwali , and i felt compelled to write about how all major cell phone networks like Airtel , Aircel & Vodafone have managed to pull off by doing cheap tricks , and cash in on by exploting its million customers across the country .

I presume the trend started on April 14 or much before that, when all these networks began charging 25 paise for each message sent on that day (prior to charging 1 Rupee a day for 100 msgs and then moving onto 5 paise per message)

Their explanation was simple : “We need to reduce the network congestion on such festival days , and thus our only option was to charge for all messages “

Even the most illiterate customer cannot be fooled by such a cheap trick .It is a clear case of sheer exploitation , with a strong uphold and belief that no one is bothered to file a suit against them for charging 25 paise /message .
The number seems to be small , but when you begin to recall what the movie Anniyan talks about , the number really seems to be huge..

Consider this

25 paise / message , with an average of 30 messages in that day , with a 25 million customers in a state , the number arrives at a massive Rs.187.5 million (or 18 . 75 crores in messages alone in a single day in a single state)

The above cited figure is the least possible revenue generated by the networks , by assuming least possible values for all variables…Despite that ,the result is enormous .

One might wonder , why do such companies “beg ” , rather than allowing more discounts ,cheaper call rates or more talk value …

They sure know how to make attractive ads , but its high time they learn that profits alone matters ,customers too !!

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  1. exactly man….only an anniyan can save us us from this non sense.probably the best punishment would be to cut the ears and fingers of this ceo`s of the company so that the could never make phone call or send a message all their lives…hee..hee

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