The Grand Finale – Ind Vs Pak -As Usual Unusual

Twenty 20 or simply called T20 sealed its firm place in cricketing history this monday
The match turned out to be nothing less than a nerve wracking , nail biting thriller , with full intensity and “cricketism” at its best ..
A dramatic final over,needing jus 13 runs for a World Cup Victory , starting with a wide ,
and then a huge six , and then the unexpected happened….
A huge Back Loft in the air by Misbah , expected to be a match sealer by going for a six , stopping the heartbeat for millions of Indians worldwide for those few seconds ,instead landed on Shreesanth’s safe hands and also with it a pulsating, unbelievable victory ..

If u call it a game of cricket or even a world tournament final for that matter , people might still call u nuts..Cos it was not ..
It was intensity,patriotism , victory , laughter,cry, and every other emotion found in a Shakespeare play….India needs a lot of these and soon !!

The debate still continues if one really wants to see a 20 over match over the long run ,
but more matches like this , and it sure is paving the way for the demise for one of the finest forms of the game ,Test Cricket

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