Friday, December 21, 2012

Burrp : Android App Review

I recently downloaded an interesting "where to find" food app in my Android phone called "The Burrp",after hearing some great reviews surrounding it.
(Download from )

 The "Burrp" app turns out to be a far better portable version of its parent site

The app is really gorgeous and designed with a easy to use interface. The navigation is simple and gives you quick information on nearby restaurants , cafes, bars and other hangout places. It determines your location using the GPS and automatically lists and categorizes the top restaurants in the neighbourhood based on reviews,feedback and burrp! ratings .You can then quickly check their menus, prices, reviews, photos, user reviews and location of the restaurant.

It really comes in handy when you visit other cities in India and want to have a quick bit or even explore the city with just a handheld device.

The app has so much potential and really one of its kind, and has a lot of scope to improve as well
For instance, they could have a checkin feature like 4square or a "navigation" feature to tell you the exact route of the restaurant instead of the map. The app could also rotate and display the pictures and info in a horizontal/vertical position , according to the position of the phone

But its definitely a great app and its free too..

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

GOSF Great Online Shopping Festival ( Discount codes and more)

GOSF Great Online Shopping Festival ( Discount codes and more)

Google has launched a massive online shopping festival with the launch of

Discounts and Deal are actually crazy and all participating online retailers including flipkart,infibeam,tradus,homeshop18,Myntra are giving out amazing and genuine deals

The discounts,deals are applicable on all products , even if the product is already discounted in the retail site.

This is not a paid review/post and wanted to simply share the above deal.

Remember the deal is available/applicable only today : 12/12/12

Avail it before time runs out
Some of the discount codes for the popular sites are as below   - GOSF - GOSF121212  -  FC121212     - FESTIVAL  - GOSFMOB or  MOB20  ( Mobiles, Tablets).Apparels  -GOSF10 or GOSF20 or WA50  - ILOVEDISCOUNTS  -

Ebay   :  - List of coupon codes :


For the entire list , check out the main site,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Can I Run that Game?

Can I Run that Game?

Have you ever wondered , before picking up a DVD  of that favourite action/racing game at your local store, whether the game will even run in your relatively old PC?

Will the PC have the recommended power and processing capabilities?  Will it meet the minimum audio & video graphic cards and other hardware requirements? What if the whole purchase or that 5 hour long download of the torrent gonna be a sheer waste and headed straight to the recycle bin...

I have found the perfect solution for this. Before you buy or download a game  , go to

Search the game by typing it or choose it from the drop down menu and click "Can you run it"
It will analyse your computer's peformance and indicate if the comp is indeed meeting the game's minimum requirements or failing

Go ahead and try it !

Monday, September 03, 2012

Melbourne : The Best of All Worlds

Melbourne : The Best of All Worlds

There’s a metaphor I heard that Melbourne is just like Riverdale city (from the Archies’ comics). A medium sized town located as a suburb inside an even larger city. A Clear distinction between the beautiful, classy yet simple residential areas and the plush luxury malls, parks, & restaurants.
It sure will be a delirious pleasure to experience the 2 worlds in 1 and have a glimpse of all that, that I have read just in comics and was fascinated with it –
One side of Melbourne i.e. the  town side : small houses with tiny gardens outside, lots of greenery, a burger corner just around the block where u can cycle on, street cafes, a bright sunny afternoon and laying in a hammock sipping cola….
And in sharp contrast , the other side – Crown casino, buzzing streets, the laser shows, pulsating thrilling drives in the grand prix track, never ending night life, parties theatres, operas …. It has all of them… this is the city side
The surprise and thrill doesn’t end there. There exists a third part as well: to stimulate the architect inside us, it’s a must to explore the gold rush site, the sprawling vineyards, 12 apostles in the outskirts, with the most scenic drives…. That’s the countryside
Well the 3 sides doesn’t even cover the other varied facets of Melbourne, one being the MCG(Melbourne cricket ground), the 10th largest stadium in the world. Australia being a cricket loving country, fondly called “Down Under” has its major presence in Melbourne. The Melbourne Sports museum, which sports thousands of artifacts, legendary pictures and multimedia displays can be a unforgettable viewing experience
Another important aspect of Melbourne is its Cuisine. Melbourne offers the best of wines from the region, with sprawling vineries and gardens and it should bring the taste buds to full glory by going for the cellar door tastings and dining on local produce at the restaurants and this doesn’t even cover the street cafes, local bars and a fine dining experience
The country not only offers an unforgettable experience to the usual tourists, but also a unique one of its kind experience to the adventure guys. With its large wildlife parks, zoos, national reserves, beaches & coastlines and massive waterways, it will be a experience like one sees it in the TV Series “Lost”. Some of the important wildlife parks include, Philip Island Nature Park , Ballarat Wildlife Park, Melbourne zoo etc.. Watching the animals and birds in their natural habitat without being caged can truly be a life changing experience.
So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head on to Melbourne, the bestof all worlds!!
For more information on Melbourne, check out the following site :