Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sivaji - A Diwali in Summer

June 15 : Schools ,Colleges and offics were deserted. It was not a national holiday.
It was much bigger than that.
It was the release of the much awaited movie of the millenium ,and the biggest India has ever seen.A 65 crore movie ...
What more can it be than a Rajnikanth movie directed by Shankar , music by Rahman ?
Can the stakes be ever higher than this ?
But the greatest satisfaction comes when the movie comes out in top throttle.
It is nearly impossible describing the enormity of the movie , the splendor , glitz and glamour surrounding it ,the visual array of stunning and unbelievable sets in songs ,
and most of all Rajnikanth.
What do i say abt him . THALAIVAAAAAAAAA . Noone else in this world can beat u..UR The one and only SuperStar
Sixukku apparam seven
Sivajikku apparam evan?

Be it the Athiradee song , or the punch dialogues , be it his comedy or the stunning sets in the songs , every aspect of the movie was visually rocking and mind blowing.

/* Spoilers */
The second entry of Rajnikanth from the helicopter as M.G.R (Boss - Mottai Boss) in the later part of the movie is just like eating a Italian Triple Sundae Ice cream on a hot desert .It cannot get better than this..(A dessert in a desert ..Wahhhhhhh)

The flipping of a coin , bouncing a chewing gum to his mouth , his way of seeing COooool , BOSS- .Motta Boss ..Amazing..........

The no of adjectives used to describe the movie was less than i had hoped to use cos i forgot them or I have struggled to decribe the visual magnificence in mere words.
Jus go watch it and have the experience of a lifetime..
The Sivaji movie and Rajnikanth has made me feel proud and boast of being a tamilian..


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