Friday, May 25, 2018

GDPR Compliant in 5 Easy Steps

What is GDPR?

GDPR has been the buzzword for all companies, online firms, digital marketing agencies and last but not the least bloggers as well. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. With a lot of data thefts, illegal usage of data tracking and other privacy related issues in the past few months, European Union has enforced strict rules for all websites/blogs/sites. This includes open disclaimers on storing cookies, storing email id/name information and the general privacy policy rules.
You might have already got 20+ emails from every single website that you have signed up to.

What happens if you don't comply?

If you don't ensure your blog/website is not compliant, the EU might send out a warning letter to quickly fix the issues. This will be followed by a heavy penalty/fine on your site if you are still non-compliant (4% of a company’s annual global revenue OR €20 million (whichever is greater))

You'd probably be asking : I'm just a blogger with probably a few people visiting from the European countries. Should I still go ahead and do these steps . The answer is a resounding YES !

Who are these rules applicable to ?

If you are a blogger with a Wordpress site or have a company website or even an online service site or rather do business online storing customers information, you have to make your site GDPR Compliant at the earliest. Though you may have a US / India / any country site , you still have the possibility of an European visitor coming to your site through some means. Hence it's safer to be compliant than getting caught later

Thankfully Google's Blogspot hosted sites can sigh a relief as Google has internally done all the steps to make sure the privacy policies are updated and relevant disclaimers are present in the website. But there are a few things you may still want to do as a blog owner in Blogspot. This is explained by Shrinidhi in his blog.

Steps to become GDPR Compliant

1. Update WordPress

Update WordPress (after logging to your WP-Admin page) and ensure you have the latest version.
It's the second option, right below Home button in the left hand side

2. a. Install "WP GDPR COMPLIANCE" Plugin in your Plugins option in the dashboard

Or manually download it from here :

In Settings of WP GDPR COMPLIANCE Plugin, Under Integration Enable WordPress Comments and Save Changes.

Under Checklist Tab and Settings, enable the checkboxes if you feel some of the other options are relevant for you as well.

2. b. "WP Comment Policy Checkbox" Plugin

Just like second point, download the WP Comment Policy Checkbox plugin.

2.c.  Cookie Banner

You can also use a  Jetpack's Cookies & Consents widget to add a cookie storage banner on top of your site

3. Discussion Settings

In your WP dashboard, go to Settings -> Discussion.  Go to Comments Policy Basic Discussion box and paste the below lines.
All the data shown above will be stored by [Site Name] on [Site URL]. At any point of time, you can contact us and select the data you wish to anonymise or delete so it cannot be linked to your email address any longer. When your data is anonymised or deleted, you will receive an email confirmation. We also use cookies and/or similar technologies to analyse customer behaviour, administer the website, track users' movements, and to collect information about users. This is done in order to personalise and enhance your experience with us.

In the above lines, please remember to replce the "Site Name" box and "Site URL" with your website name and website address.  

4. Newsletter Subscription

If you have a newsletter subscription / popups etc, you should again copy the text in point 3 and paste it in that too at the bottom of your newsletter as a disclaimer

5. Privacy Policy Page

You need to have a separate "Privacy Policy" Page for your blog and ensure that page link is present in your homepage (in the footer or in the sidebar or as a menu link)

Go to Pages - > New Page.

Download this document and paste it ( Or you can use any other privacy policy document from any other sources)

Replace the  [Site Name] at 2 places mentioned with your own website name and your email address mentioned as [Your Email Address here].

You can see how I have done the same in my travel blog, An Asian Traveller and see the Privacy Policy page menu option.

Well , that's it. .These steps are for blogs and websites with just a comment box/ subscribe page and a newsletter and not intended for professional companies who stores financial transaction information of customers and other business related info. 
Do let me know in comments, if you found it useful or have any further questions on the same.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Race, Drift & Drag with the Mercedes AMG C63 S

Speed now has a new definition with the launch of the  AMG C63 S model by Mercedes in India. The car was displayed and test driven in a specially conducted AMG Performance Tour in Chennai earlier this year. Though many cars were available to be test driven, the highlight of the event was none other than the AMG C63. Though meant to be built as a race car, the car also functions as a Sports Sedan with some amazing features and can be defined as a German Engineering marvel.

Mercedes really makes a powerful impact when it comes to delivering a car like this. Make no assumptions, given it belongs to the C-Class. Because the similarity ends there. The car outperforms every other car in this segment and by a large difference, be it performance, safety or style.

Be it a flat out racing event, a drift event or even a drag race, you can comfortably take the C63 for a spin and it does the job in style. As the throttle goes down, the  blissful sound of V8 engine breaks the deafening silence and the car zooms past several metres ahead at the blink of an eye.

The car is fitted with a 10' COMMAND display at the centre of the dashboard, displaying key information like RPM, temperature, maps and other driver related info.

Technical Specs


With a power of 503hp and 700nm Torque, the AMG C63 S carries almost 70% of a F1 car's engine (which ranges at 750).  To say this in a comparative note,  even a premium sedan or a  top end SUV carries an average of 160hp. Only the AMG GT-S powers more than the C63 at 563 hp (though costs 50% more).  So imagine driving a car that is more than thrice as powerful . Quite literally carrying the power of 500 horses in front.   Incidentally Mercedes claims a 0-100 in just 4.0 seconds. The car's top speed is a whopping 250 km/hr (electronically limited) but actually can go upto 290km/hr (with the optional AMG driver's package).

The Mercedes AMG C63 comes with a powerful "Hand made" 4.0 litre V8 Turbo Petrol engine and boasts of a 7 or 9 speed Automatic transmission (the 2019 model carries the upgrade).

Check out a hot lap at the Sriperumbudur race track by a professional race driver in the AMG C63S.

Drive Mode

AMG C63 S Drive Mode Options

AMG has given a Dynamic "Drive" mode option that allows you to switch between driving style and efficiency. This includes Individual, Comfort ,Sport , Sport + and followed by the Race mode (A mode that's not usually available in most cars). The race mode comes with a launch control as well. A full manual mode is also available for racing enthusiasts. The gear changes are fast and sharp in all drive modes and you can climb up to higher speeds in no time.

One of the key highlights of the C63 is also the AMG Ride Control Suspension that can have a perfect wheelspin for the perfect launch start. The enhanced suspension also allows perfect sharp corners and quick turns even at relatively higher speeds.

V8 Sound 

One of the primary reason, a sporting enthusiast might go for a V8 engine is for its sound. The growl of the engine can be a true delight for any driver as he steps on the gas. Unlike most other cars which offers "tuned up" noise or exhaust noise being back channeled into the cabin,  the AMG C63 S offers a pure sound experience . As the car's rubber burns on the tarmac, you can literally hear the pistons blasting with power and energy and gives the perfect adrenaline rush. In fact there are 3 electronically operated valves in the exhaust that's contributing to the C63 noise. This is definitely something you should experience in person.

You can hear a sample audio of Interior & Exterior acceleration of V8

Safety : 

The AMG C63 S, true to its Mercedes brand name, has given safety a serious consideration.  With 7 air bags, ESP (Electronic Stability Control) , ABS (Anti-lock braking system) , EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) and TCS (Traction control) , the car provides maximum protection for its passengers.

The AMG high-performance brake systems has red brake calipers (which is internally ventilated & perforated) and specifically designed for high performance and enhanced braking force.

AMG Red Brake Calipers

When we took the C63 for a flat-out drive (keeping the windows open) and tested the emergency braking system, the car came to an almost immediate halt with the ABS & EBD kicking in. Not only this, we also noticed the car windows rolled up automatically upto 80% to protect from any outside objects (Seriously a super cool feature).


With a starting price of 1.4 crores INR (ex-showroom)+ taxes,  the car certainly doesn't come cheap. But if you consider the technical specifications, the lavish luxury quotient and the design elements, you'll definitely feel it warrants the price.

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