Sunday, February 23, 2014

Take a 5 star Chill Pill !

Imagine  describing yourself in an intense , serious situation. The situation could probably be about anything , an anticipated exam result or a confrontation that you are trying to avoid, or even something that you may fear for whats to come

The description for all these situations would revolve probably only words like "Dark", "Dull", "Gloomy" , "Negative" ,"Serious" with a melancholy. From the description itself you'd probably have lost all your hope & energy on it and simply brooding over it

Almost everyone would have experienced such "dark" & "serious"personalities throughout our lifetimes and would have thought, "do they know to laugh" , "know the definition of fun" and "even have a life" ? I have been on the receiving end of so much seriousness that only i could put up with , from a variety of people.. The serious cousin who always act too serious as if I was on a Fort Knox training camp, the maths professor who finds fit that the only thing to do is to learn is the differential equation , the old married friend who says no to any fun activity on any given activity and has time only to brood about kid's tuition fees and exams.

The air of seriousness ,formality and negativity can be so addictive or rather contagious that you end up a serious patient yourself and the only thing that could save you is a Cadbury's 5 star chocolate as a chill pill

I was on lines of encountering people with such a "Serious condition" but happened to realize a much bigger phenomenon, when these serious people actually are leading film directors and producers and their creative pursuits and production can actually reflect their state of mind and dark personality  . Three people who come immediately to my mind are Manirathnam , Imtiaz Ali & Anurag Kashyap . All 3 are brilliant filmmakers who have created a lot of masterpieces , but the underylying background of all their movies is a serious dark background, a signature black and white frame ,a silent melancholy that screams throughout the movie .

Who can forget the deathly silence in  Sathiya , the intense conversation in Dil Se by Manirathnam, the heavniess even in a romantic situation in Rockstar by Imtiaz or the dark gloomy Shaitan and Dev D by Anurag . All their films throughout portrays a dark serious relationship or the drug addict hero that/who is only destined for doom in most cases and finally ends in death .

Being too serious can actually only mean it sounds ridiculous and dark satire humor for the audience trying to make any sense out of this . In fact one wouldn't be surprised when the actors are saying a very serious dialogue but the audience actually blurting out to a much stifled laugh . #conditiontooserioushaiboss ( watch the Cadburys 5star Condition serious Hai ad here )

Trolling serious action fights and sequences is another ballgame altogether that can bring out the laugh despite it meant to be a serious scene in the action movie. Over the years i have compiled a list of scenes that couldnt have been any more funnier ( you may not even require to know the language to roll down the floor laughing)

I guess every film maker and actor in the film industry should have a Anti-serious treatment by having a Cadburys 5 star and Chill out . #conditionserioushai

1.Captain Vijayakanth in his most rollicking action performance outbeating current

 2. Balaiyya moving a train move just by stamping out his leg

3. An unbelievable matrix scene fight by our very own Ramarajan

4. Vijayakanth yet again in his another famous action stunt 

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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Overseas Education - How to choose right college in UK

Popularity of overseas education is on the rise, thanks to the exploding Internet era . A few of the most chosen destinations include UK, US and Australia.  The contributing factors to the international degree is the excellent infrastructure, world class academicians and professors and degree in itself that is unparalleled and globally renown. UK in particular has been a hot favourite for many students, given the recession and job cuts in US. So while opting for overseas education, how to choose the best college in UK ? What are the top factors to consider education in UK and corresponding academic institution? This post will help you with just that.

How to choose the best college in UK?

If  I were given a choice to study in the UK ,I'd narrow it down to London School of Economics or Oxford Business School. The specialization would be International Economics & Political Science, two courses the college is world famous for . Given a chance to choose Economics and Political Science , I believe anyone would opt to study in the only college where its meant to be studied, hence the obvious choice.

To study and research a course , its important to be in the epicenter of things and this is where UK, especially London can be numero uno . A city known for its political battles , London can not only give you a brilliant academic exposure but an international experience that one cannot even imagine. Upon researching the subject for quite a while, I have come up with a few points that tips in the favour of choosing London school of economics.

1) Geographic Advantage of United Kingdom (UK) : 

London has a pivotal advantage in terms of location . Being in the center of the world map , it sports excellent infrastructure, connectivity, transport facilities and accessible from all corners of the world.

2) Exposure with UK College Education

London being the Business & Political capital of the Europe region , Its also the centre for government and law, Europe's leading financial markets.The international exposure hence is huge 
One also gets to study with international students from different countries across the globe which may not be the case with several other institutes across other colleges  in different countries

3) History of London School of Economics

 Not even starting with the history of London, and the countless battles it has fought , London school of economics has its own plethora of history that can run into several pages

To begin with 16 Nobel Prize winners has been the staff/ alumni of LSE can be a major inspiration to anyone who wishes to pursue the field of Economics and Political Science 
London School of Economics was founded by no other than one of the the greatest philosopher's in the world :George Bernard Shaw 

A total of 34  world leaders have studied or taught at LSE and 31 current members of the UK House of Commons and 42 members of the House of Lords have also either taught or studied at LSE and this according to me is one of the most compelling reasons why one choose this university / College to pursue and become extreme successful in one's career.

4) Research in UK Colleges 

LSE & the city itself has one of the greatest research centers and libraries in the world that can aid the student to have access to all information in his thesis and research , right at his doorstep . The college's research program encourages the students to explore further and come up with ground breaking ideas to change the world.

5) Employability and Career with UK College Education :

The London school of economics college attracts some of the top recruiters through its calibre of alumni and working relationship with several organizations and the employable percentage of its graduate students is as high as 95 %   . Moreover a degree from LSE or rather any top tier university in UK is sufficient for any student to get placed in a Major MNC anywhere in the world, due to its global acceptance of its degree and reputation

6) Sports in UK education

Your career doesn't stop with just academic career. UK is the centre for many sports hubs including cricket, football and athletics

6) The International Experience in UK Education

UK offers a fine plethora of experience and exposure in terms of culture, music, sports, facilities, education that can match any world standards and gives a personal development and a major boost to one's career and something that's important more than mere education

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