Karthik Murali - A Short Bio of Myself

A data scientist by profession, blogging has always been my passion to express my thoughts and reviews about everything. A passion that has stood strong for 10 years and counting. The blog started as a college hobby, where I began writing about obscure things on marketing and sports. It later shifted into a professional blog as the momentum for blogging began developing as a whole.

Several years after creating my first ".blogspot.com" address, I bought my own domain, which was www.muralikarthik.in and definitely seems to be the best investment I've done.  My blog's ranking have improved to a large extent while moving to a custom domain ( that even prompted me to write a post on migrating to a custom domain in 10 easy steps)

2016 was the year where I attempted to write in a marathon blogging contest held by Tata and I managed to win the second place by writing 125 posts in a single month (all posts were strictly verified on content, theme, grammar, word count among other things)

2017 I have begun on a different path, by getting a second .com domain for my travel blog. It's called Chronicles of a World Traveller and the link is www.anasiantraveller.com . This is where I get to write interesting itineraries for famous holiday destinations in the world

Personal Bio
I have completed my engineering in computer science, MBA in Marketing and working as a Data Scientist in the field of Advanced analytics in a top MNC

You can contact me through email at hkmurali@gmail.com or just tweet to me at twitter.com/karthik_murali