Sunday, July 09, 2017

Aggregator of Decors - A Curated Collection by Home Canvas

One of the biggest challenges you face while buying something is you don't know where to look. Be it online or offline, you may have several stores specializing in that product and it can be always a tough choice to check everything. A recent trend to fix this issue is to identify a "curated collection".

A curated collection is a selected list of the top selling and most preferred products in that category across different websites, categories and designs. An expert in the field or through popular votes, the best items are carefully hand picked from thousands of varieties across a multitude of sites.

Your job becomes far easier and quicker to buy a couple of these from a much refined list. This has been pretty much the need of the hour and many sites have sprung up to address the issue. However most sites only deal with electronics, technology or fashion.

The market of Home Decors, Furniture , Interiors and Furnishings is a relatively new entrant to online space compared to others. However the choices offered online are excellent and far cheaper than local stores. You can get beautiful designs from different parts of the country , all in a single page.

Until now, furniture shopping was plainly restricted to selecting something that was available in a mini catalogue book in the store. You were quite literally forced to get something , just because nothing else was available. Home Canvas seems to address just that. A discovery platform , as they call it, they have experts who curate stores, suppliers to find the most perfect furniture products. This ranges from style, material and price to choose the best of decors for your house.

So if you are planning to do a home makeover or even styling a new home, you can simply choose from one of the furniture collections, Home Canvas has put up. One thing's for sure. The products you see , you couldn't have possibly come across most of them.

Be it that Bohemiam vase or the textured glass jars or the beautiful golden mirror,  you can find them all in Home Canvas.

From what I saw , Home Canvas is displaying the curated collections from different websites including Chumbak, Zufolo, Wooden Street, FabFurnish, Gulmohar Lane, HOF India and 100's of other sites. I myself discovered some of these sites only because of them.

My favourite Collections included :
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