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Top Musical Movies

Top Musical Movies

Music, Comedy , Drama were all a component that made up a movie. This happend to be a commercial film which had a fair mix of all the above ingredients.
But when audiences got bored of this formula and wanted something completely different, filmmakers thought of creating an entire movie with just one of those component. A few such attempts resulted in musical movies, where the entire movie was based on music. Even the dialogues were sung as songs and it was a completely different genre, which was well received by the audience

So here are some top musical movies across both Hollywood as well as Kollywood

Sound of Music : One of the first and famous musical movies ever produced, this had around 15-16 songs in it. Produced in 1965, it was a musical drama film, it had some amazing acting by Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. The movie revolved around a nurse/governess who has to tame seven children and get them refined. With music as her communication and kindness, the movie shows how all the kids gets refined and become nice to her and to everyone else around

Chicago : This courtroom drama musical thriller was a totally different venture. Its genres included crime, drama, music, law and thriller. Based on a broadway musical of the same name, it was a huge hit and won several oscar awards as well. It was also the first musical picture to win an Oscar award.This also seemed to have 15 musical numbers, spread throughout the film
Sindhu Bhairavi : A beautiful national award winning movie by K.Balachander, this Carnatic based movie goes on to show the nuances of music even to the common people. The main hero,Sivakumar is taught a lesson on music, by a stranger on stage, who happened to have no formal knowledge or training. The battle between the duo, the discovery of beautiful music by Sivakumar forms the rest of the movie. The movie won the national award for Best Female Playback singer, Best Actress, Best Music Direction and also a Filmfare award for Best Film in Tamil
Sankarabharanam : One of the best musical movies ever to be made till date , Sankarabharanam certainly deserves to sit on top of the music chain. The movie revolves around Sankara Shastri who happens to be a devout and classical singer. He finds a fan in Tulsidas who happens to be a prostitute. The societal pressures, the Carnatic interludes and her devotion to him and service forms a large portion of the movie
It has created a tremendous impact in all filmmakers and has been successfully remade in several languages.
Some of the other top musical movies include Wizard of OZ , Moulin Rouge and  Singing in the Rain

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Fantastico Places in Thailand

Fantastico Places in Thailand

Thailand, as a country is synonym with Beaches, Ladyboys, Massages, Parties, Islands and Temples too. A beautiful country with amazing natural resources, they have perfectly managed to market it as an ideal tourist destination for all purposes.

Be it a family vacation, a vacation with kids, friends , Thailand is the best place to go to. In fact, in recent times,  it has also become an ideal destination for a dream wedding. For most people, the only two cities they know in Thailand is Bangkok and Pattaya.

Interestingly, Thailand has several other beautiful cities that has been largely unexplored by tourists all over. Not just cities, but it also has islands,rivers, historical spots and magnificent temples that hasn't been part of the primary tours.

Most tour itineraries include a visit to Bangkok and Pattaya. They take you to the three big temples in the city, a trip to the underwater world and then finally take you to the safari world. In Pattaya ,you get to see one of the islands and the tour almost comes to a close. So here's a list of some of the most amazing fantastico places in Thailand, that you should definitely consider in your next vacation.

Phuket : A beautiful island , 800 kms away from Thailand , it’s one of the most beautiful destinations I’ve ever been in my life. An island covered by hilltops on one side and the sea on the other, enjoys a tropical climate with moderate rainfall. The city offers plenty of history, adventurous activities and popular landmarks depicted in movies. A trip to Phi-Phi Island will make you experience a lifetime adventure as you venture into the mid Indian Ocean 3 and half hours away from Phuket.
Check out my detailed post on Phuket in my Mountain Island post here 

Krabi : Another largely unexplored island, it is situated very close to Phuket. Known for its turquoise coloured sea and pristine beaches, Krabi is one of the most ideal destinations for a honeymoon. With absolutely no outside interference , you can completely be yourself in your own outfits and enjoy a blissful vacation. There are several direct flights from Bangkok to both Phuket and Krabi almost every one hour.

Chiang Mai: Another cultural destination in Thailand, Chiang Mai has mostly only a Thai population with a mix of Chinese nationals. However, apart from that , the no of visitors to Chiang Mai is very low surprisingly. A city filled with cultural places, grand temples built of gold, huge zoos, national parks and Buddhist temples, museums and waterfalls, and you have something for everyone. It’s definitely a tour who likes to explore new territories by road and want to experience the real country in its raw self.

Other fantastico destinations in Thailand include Hua Hin, Udon Thani and Chiang Rai.

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Fantastico Places to Eat in Chennai

Fantastico Places to Eat in Chennai

As mentioned in my previous post , Chennai is an amazing city in India to explore. There are innumerable things one can do in Chennai and can never get bored out of it. One of the most interesting activities, according to me would be eating out. Of course, every city has its own speciality of restaurants , but the ones in  Chennai are unique in its own way and can never be replicated.

Consider it as an adventure, as you walk on the food trail of glory in the beautiful city of Chennai.
So here are the interesting and fantastico places to eat in Chennai :

Sandwich stall @ Egmore : Looking out for a quick healthy snack but cant decide what you'd like to have or have less budget. Then the sandwich stalls opposite to the Government museum is the right place to go. With sandwiches as low as 20, you get nearly 50 varieties of hot, piping, delicious sandwich. Be it egg, mayo, cheese or vegetable, you have them all. Be it as a group of friends or solo, its a definite eat-out place for anyone

Murugan Idly : Chennai is famous for three things. Its filter coffee, Dosa and Idly. Murugan Idly is a place where you can get all three in the most delicious and aromatic manner. All you gotta do is visit any branch of Murugan Idly spread across the city, and even before you get to see the menu, you'll find your plate stuffed with two idlis and a vada served with oil, chutney and sambhar
Murugan Idly started off as a small platform kiosk in Madurai railway station and successfully managed to capture the entire market in Chennai for serving the best Idly's and Dosas.

Madras Coffee House : If you come to Chennai and ask for a capuccino, chances are you'll be met with weird looks. The city is quite famous for its extra strong filter coffees and one can have this at any of the kiosks of Madras Coffee House. You'll be served with a Stainless steel Cup and Tumbler and you need to probably ask for an extra serving of sugar, if you find it bitter.

Marina Bajji Stalls : What’s an outing in the beach without having the corn and bajji. A delicious evening snack, Bajjis are fried in oil , and consist of various stuffings like potato, chilli, onion etc . A plate of “bajji” will have around 5 pieces and would cost you around 30rs.

Saravana Bhavan : Though they have branched out to many parts in the world, Saravana Bhavan still has its roots in Chennai and serves delicious food in all their branches. Don’t forget to try out their famous sambhar along with some other tiffin item.

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Fantastico Places to Shop in Chennai

Fantastico Places to Shop in Chennai

Having lived in Chennai for over 25+ years, I have known this place by heart and know almost every nook and corner in the city. A fantastico city, filled with culture, tradition and beauty, it has plenty of things to offer to evreryone.

Though based in Tamil Nadu, its a culturally diverse city, similar to Bangalore. People from all states and cultures live here peacefully , which has resulted in a multi cultural diverse place, than what it used to be 30-40 years back.

So anyone new to this city, may find themselves at a spot, to know where to go for shopping and what to buy. Just like how we have a Zomato app for discovering restaurants, unfortunately we don't have a similar app to identify places to shop.

So find below some fantastico places to shop in Chennai

Pondy Bazaar : One of the biggest shopping centres in the entire state, Pondy Bazaar is more than 1km long filled with amazing products. Located in Central T.Nagar, its always the preferred destination for shopping of any kind. You can get to do everything there, including street side shopping as well as window shopping. Some of the famous stores in this bazaar include : Naidu Hall, Kanchi Plaza, Mayaa’s Plaza, Singapore Plaza , Globus, Kasi Arcade, Big Bazaar and Rathna Stores
Things to Buy : Toys, Women’s tops and accessories(Both cheap and expensive ones), Furnitures, Utensils, Innerwear and Flowers

Express Avenue : One of the biggest mall in the state, express avenue is a massive place for shoppingto your heart’s content . It has a mix of both premium and ordinary stores that sells everything from mobile phones, shoes, clothes, accessories and even cosmetics. It is a mall that cannot be missed just for its splendour and grandeur. All the items are genuine and may have a slightly premium tag associated to it. So watch the bill tag before you purchase something
Things to Buy : Designer Clothes, Perfume, Shoes and Bags

Sowcarpet : One of the biggest inhabitants of Sowcarpet are Rajasthanis and Gujjus. So you’ll find women’s clothes available in plenty. You’ll get both the material as well as readymade in dirt cheap prices compared to other areas in city, as these are imported directly from Gujarat and Rajasthan
Things to Buy : Salwar and other women’s clothes

Usman Road : A road very close to Pondy Bazaar, this is another great place to do some street shopping as well as buy Gold and Silk Sarees. The Gold Souk of Chennai, Usman Road has nearly 100’s of stores selling original Gold, Silver and Diamond at competitive prices with the highest amount of quality. Apart from gold, you also get the best silk sarees in the entire country in this single stretch of road
Things to buy : Gold, Silk Sarees, Accessories, Cheap plastic stuffs

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Top Fantastico Jobs

Top Fantastico Jobs

10 years earlier, when I began to pursue my engineering , I was aware of only couple of jobs that paid very well and quite "respectable" in the society. Not just jobs, but also only few IT companies were hiring in thousands across India , for the post of Associate Software Engineer

Every Tom,Dick and Harry tried to study , only to secure a job in a company like TCS , Infosys, Cognizant or Wipro. Irrespective of whether you study civil engineering, computer science engineering,electronics engineering , mechanical engineering or even Aeronautical engineering , you ended up working in only the above companies

Once the recessional period came to an end, India and US saw the emergence of a lot of startups which gained a billion dollar evaluation in no time. Some of these companies included Uber, AirBnb,Groupon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, OyoRooms, Zenefits, Zynga and the likes

These startups received several million dollars in venture capitalist funding. They had ambitious projects in mind and hired a huge no of fresh college graduates. Suddenly it was no longer the mainstream companies that did the hiring but also these start-ups, who could easily match the salary and benefits provided by the multinationals

So if you are to find employment with these uber cool companies here are some top fantastico jobs you should aim for

Data Scientist: As a data scientist myself, I can confidently say that this is one of the most desired jobs in the world as of now. With almost every single company having an analytics organization setup, they require at least 100 data scientists per firm. This translates to a million jobs in the data scientist space. If you can equip yourself with a good knowledge in statistics, modelling and forecasting, you can be a good candidate for the post and a definite hire.

Big Data Database Engineer: If you are someone, who can work your way around databases and have the capacity to learn new big data databases like Hadoop, Vertica, MongoDb etc, you’ll be simply irreplaceable. With almost very less “Big Data” talent available in the market, this is the next big thing one should definitely aim for.

Social Media Analysts : The entire world is on social media, and one is actually considered invisible, if they don’t have a Twitter and Facebook account. Companies have to constantly monitor all this social media chatter, make sense out of this data and analyse some key insights in it. This is a skill, not many are accustomed and definitely a growing industry. If you have knowledge on Google Analytics and SEO, it’s even better

Cloud Developers: People well versed with cloud applications and have the capacity to develop softwares, to host the data in the cloud, are in major need by all big IT companies.

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