Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Dark Side Pavilion - #AwakenYourForce

The force has awoken and building its empire. Its power is rampant across the far galaxies and their optimism is catching on like a viral. The success wont last long . The dark side reigns to be the supreme force that cannot be defeated. It remains to be even stronger as it continues to uphold its control over the force. Its power is penetrating and seductive. A force too strong for the Force itself

Welcome to the Dark Side. Embrace yourselves on a journey that will decide your destiny forever

The Force powered by poor technology and outdated hardware struggles itself to manage all the content,coordinate and plan a massive attack. Its weak servers and slow processing speed seems to constantly hang the system as they fail to deliver almost every time

Post the destruction of the Death Star I in the Battle of Yavin, The Galactic empire has now built a more powerful huge battle station, titled the Death Star II. The Galactic authority of the Dark side has shown that the Death Star II , infinitely better than its predecssor can once and for all crush The Force
With no surprise ,the Death Star II is completely powered by the HP Pavilion that basically provides enough firepower, ammunition and processing capability to be a single rebellious attack station that is virtually undestroyable.

A state of the art 6th generation i5 Processor, a massive 8GB RAM & a 1TB HDD with a 2GB NVIDIA GeForce 940M Graphics, the HP Pavilion 15 can be the single-most key element for the Dark Side to defeat The Resistance

First things first ,being in The Dark Side, I would try to gain access to the HP Pavilion 15 with permission from the Sith Lord                            

  • First mission is to use the power of the i5 processor and a ultra speed broadband connection to get priority tickets to Star Wars movie,which is something more difficult to do than defeat the Resistance. This is the only way to prove your real allegiance !

Armed with the HP Pavilion Star Wars special edition laptop the possibilities are just endless. Here's a sneak peak into my world of ideas based on my allegiance to the Dark Side in Star Wars

  • Designing my own Star Wars Merchandise
My addiction to Star Wars means that I'd love to sport my Star Wars affiliation wherever I can
So with the help of the Pavilion 15, I'd use a graphics designer software and a printer to print my own mobile case design
Here's a prototype
My Very own design of Asus Zenfone 5 Mobile Cover

Coffees will never be the same again with my Star Wars Customized Mug. The image illustrates Anakin Skywalker(Darth Vader) saying you dont know the power of the Dark Side, and in contrast I have placed the quote saying Fear is the Path to the Dark side, said by the famous Yoda

My Very own design of a Star Wars Mug
  • Personalized Desktop with A Light Saber Clock
 Apart from the amazing command center in the HP Pavilion 15 I'd create a Skywalker Light Saber clock .As the clock ticks the light saber revolves with the swooshing sound and noone can be amazed at this amazing tool !

Source : My Very own design of my HP Pavilion Desktop with the Skywalker clock in the centre

  • Star Wars Counter Strike with Nvidia Graphics 

Powered by a 2GB Nividia 940M Graphics Card and a Full HD Display, I'd host a Counter Strike Party with the special Star Wars map as the Hosting theme. The players will be divided into The Force and The Dark Side .The enemies are designed as StormTroopers with Blasters than kill the opponent in seconds.While the Other side uses Light Sabers to protect themselves from the Blasters

The special star wars themed mouse can add to a better game play and more apt to the theme
Naturally the losers will have to finally pass on their allegiance to the other side Command Center Video

Source : My Design of a Counter Strike map where the enemies are designed as StormTroopers

May the best team Win!!

  • House Wars
Who said Star Wars should be about watching the two forces fight it in space onscreen in a theater? Why not bring the franchise with our "Fan created screenplay" into our very own living room as we enact the scenes. Downloading a Light saber app that can use the Flash of the Iphone with a small tubelight stuck to it can create a "Light saber effect" which can be used to enact the Duel.

A Star Wars Duel with an Iphone

The Star Wars command center in the HP Pavilion 15 gives unlimited access to some very rare content including scripts, themes and unseen footage . This screenplay modified with some local content and a background Star Wars music from the "Sounds" collection in the same Command center can result in a kickass production of "House Wars". Command Center Video

Anyone wants to see a Live Saber Duel between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, this is your exclusive chance to see some kickass action !

Time to dress up as Darth Vader , light up the Saber and recite those evergreen lines : You are my son. Join the Dark Side Luke Command Center Video

Watch the detailed info about Star Wars special edition of HP Pavilion 15 below and #AwakenYourForce

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Chennai - Definitely Made of Great

Chennai - Definitely Made of Great

Chennai, a city filled with hope,happiness,nostalgia and warmth always holds a special place for everyone who's from here or even been here for a while. A city so different from the rest of the places in India, it has always managed to remain loyal to its roots and not let go of its rich cultural background

The people of Chennai however deserves a special mention when it comes to humanity and a connect that's never seen before elsewhere. Be it happiness or crisis, the city has always acted as a single front and has never seen anything otherwise. Be it a cultural connect discussing the fine arts of carnatic music and Bharatnatyam over a filter coffee or a religious connect across the several temples in the city or even a lifestyle connect of like minded people, you are never alone. The phrase "It's a small world" totally holds true for a city like Chennai as you are likely to bump into some

Defining connect can also refer to Chennai's well connected transport system that varies from Suburban trains, MRTS Trains, Metro Train, Buses, Share Autos and the normal autos. This also reflects a beautiful and remarkable underlying design.Being one of the largest metros in the country next only to Mumbai and Delhi , managing and operating it smoothly day by day is no mean task and it really takes an enormous effort by the city to pull it through successfully

Not only connect and design, but Chennai has so much energy in itself to get that drive towards success. It offers plenty of opportunities not only for its locals but also for anyone who has come in for new. That drive towards passion,energy and hope is really one of the key reasons to set it apart from other cities in the country

However for most Chennaiities, when you tell them the word "Drive", they would instantly remember the well connected roads, vastly manageable traffic and a great place to drive their cars peacefully (atleast in most parts of the city).The iconic 160 KM sea-view expressway from Chennai till Pondycherry is a notable attraction that would be the top place to take your car for a spin or a "Long drive"

Living in Chennai for the past two decades , naturally its my most favourite city as compared to any other city in the country. However Chennai has now evoked a completely different meaning in people across the world especially after the massive floods that caused massive devastation last week

Yet, the city managed to rise itself amidst all hardships and prove to everyone in the world, that this is no ordinary city and can be something different. With almost every basic amenity required for a sustainable living not available during the week  the city saw its patience, resilience and resistance tested in the most hardest way. Yet it kept going as people came together to form an unbelievable connect and drive, managing to fight the battle head on

I dont see any better reason to call it a "Great" city and in a way I'd definitely equate it with the Tata Motors brand in terms of its strong values, perseverance, hard focus on quality,design and a strong drive !! . Do check out :