Friday, June 26, 2015

Nioxin Now - An Update

Its been almost a month since the last succesful Nioxin event in Chennai . 

Read my detailed blogpost on the event in the link below

Post the event, Nioxin provided the participants a set of Hair solutions, Hair thinning Kits, Intensive Damage Repair Solution based on the condition of the hair, which was pretested thoroughly under a scanner. It was mainly tested for the Density, Diameter and Derma of the hair, which forms the main qualities of a hair  

Post a regular usage of the hair solutions for a month or so, the results were really good and showed a remarkable difference in the hair. There was a visible difference in the strength and thickness of the hair than ever before.

As promised, Nioxin solution works to its best in delivering the desired results. For people who always had the dream of getting a thicker and fuller hair, this is your solution you’ve been waiting for. I may not be a hair expert here, but amongst my friends, from all the solutions, techniques and treatments they have tried, Nioxin seemed to be the only product that has delivered the complete results

Yet, you may not expect results overnight and see changes immediately. Like every other product, it takes time in setting in and working on the hair roots with periodical usage of the product along with its accompaniments that’s required in making the treatment work

Going by the reviews that others have posted, there were several instances where people were having very thin hair and now seemed to possess a thick curly type of hair, post their regular usage of Nioxin Hair Revitalizer and Scalp Treatment Solutions

A caution of advice: Get your hair tested before in a nearby salon, and determine which type of product in their range would be right for your hair and then go for the usage. I found one such link in the Nioxin page

which gives you an online consultation tool and based on the answers you provide to the questions, it gives you a recommended solution and treatment which you can use ,as not all products are suitable for all types of hair

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Best Gift

As a famous quote goes, “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”
I can almost hear you saying “So Damn true”. Every kid grows up with a lot of memories and dreams. Some may aspire to be a doctor, engineer, a rocket scientist or even a teacher. Most achieves their goals, while adapt themselves to a different passion as their interest and skills change. But one should deny the fact that all of this achievement and success is possible only because of the constant support, motivation and encouragement we have received all alone especially in our childhood from friends, teachers and parents.
The right guidance, emotional and financial support is the only thing that can help your cause to stride further in life. This comes from our parents who stood by you always, no matter what the situation demanded and made sure, at the end of the day everything was ok
So it is essential and also our responsibility that we should repay the same to them as a gifting gesture. But when it comes to deciding what kind of gifts you’d wanna get it becomes tricky

Gifts can be of different kinds, depending on the occasion. Sometimes gifts can also be an expression of love, something of great significance which you'd present it to your beloved or it could also be something that you can give your parents for no specific reason. It is incorrect to attach a monetary value to a gift that you are giving on behalf of love, as it’s priceless in their eyes and very significant. This gesture of gifting goes a long mile in letting them know how thankful you are to them for everything that they have done for you. They dropped and picked you from school every day, observed your passions and joined you in Cricket coaching, music classes and keyboard classes. They bought you your first bicycle and even taught you how to ride it perfectly and later your first motorbike as well and gleamed with pride as you rode along the roads. During vacation, they took you to all those wonderful places you wanted to visit and etched some incredible memories. Repaying these can be almost impossible, so the only best solution give your dad and mom a hug to convey from your heart for helping being the person you are today.

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks

Do check out this heartwarming video from Vicks :

A Heartwarming Gift

A memorable childhood is one where you grew up with vivid memories of several exciting things.These may have included the  thousands of wishes, dreams to achieve a lot of things on the way.. It most probably was a fine blend of failures, success, happiness, sorrow and excitement as you reminisce those lovely days

Playing around the small streets, fighting around with each other like big men, we all grew up with lots of people around us, caring and looking out for us. Be it friends, cousins, our teachers and last but not the least our parents, we always were surrounded by someone who watched over us. If ranked the most important people in your life, the most important of the list would definitely be your parents. Someone who stood for you during your school years as you battled out all your struggles, societal pressures, exams and other conflicts you seemed to have. Your desires, wishes were most often met, and you often got what more than you asked for. Placed in the laps of luxury, you were fed for, taught, coached & motivated for every exam in school, was bought every delightful gadget you desired for.

You got the most fashionable dress that was out there in the market, irrespective of the price tag, you seemed to have an endless supply of sporting goods including bats and balls so that you were never left alone in sports. You got a weekly copy of the latest comic magazines and storybooks almost without fail, a sporty bicycle to ride, a favourite superhero Tshirt and even that outfit that goes with it. You were provided and got every opportunity, for you to become the coolest kid in the block

The gifts you got from your parents, especially your dad was priceless. In most cases, even before you asked for it was there waiting for you. Not just the monetary gifts, but the priceless gift of learning to live life the right way ,some cool life hacks and what not
So when it is time for you to return all the love you have been showered , there can be no specific gift that can fit this virtue or matches the  price tag of all the things you’ve received till date, other than a sincere hug to convey what all of it means to you
This small gesture would definitely go a long in conveying what you exactly wanted to express all along

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Smelly To Smiley

Purchasing that desired house can really be a huge task and we take even more care in maintaining it. I've witnessed people spending thousands of rupees on decorating and designing the house, trying to make it look very attractive and clean. Yet they ignore the most basic component of a beautiful house. A component that satisfies the olfactory senses of the human body. Yes, a beautiful house should be accompanied with a beautiful smell for it to give that complete compelling look, else it'll only drive away its visitors and guests.

For that matter, any house which carries off a beautiful smell tends to look very attractive and vice versa. It takes a great deal in preventing all odours and keeps a check on all sources

So how does one battle these on a daily basis, without spending a fortune and yet preserve a natural scent across the house.

Some of the most readymade solutions include

A whiff of Ambi Pur Air Freshner sprayed across the house can instantly change the mood and scent to an elevated level as it removes all the bad odour and invigorates the air inside the house. This is by far the most easiest and best long lasting solution in eliminating bad odour in the house

Other common household solutions may include burning of an agabathi (Incense stick) in the puja room that can cloud the smell of bad odour .Though sometimes the smell of this can be quite nauseating for a few

Trying to eliminate the garbage frequently, washing clothes frequently with a nice detergent can wipe off that bad rotten egg or sweat smell across the house.

In certain houses, bad odours come from the surrounding neighbourhood .Hence closing of all windows firmly to ensure no bad smell comes in through is also a forced solution one should take in this scenario.

Cooking can be the worst agent of odours, esp when raw meat, chicken and fish is being cooked. These have some particles in them that can really stink up the entire house if not the floor. No matter how powerful your exhaust fan is, the foods can easily overpower the existing freshness and make it a mess. One way of preventing this is to buy processed meat and fish from outside and consume it. Else add enough ingredients in the cooking that can overcome the effects of the fish and meat

Body odour can be the worst kind of smell one can really not withstand. With all those hours in the hot sun or sweating it out in the gym , can really stir up a body odour. Naturally a shower can remove the sweat but the sweaty smell may linger on for quite a few. Investing in a good body spray or perfume with a roll on deodorant would be an ideal solution in eliminating the body odour

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The Odour Battle

Who said the age of wars were over. How many of us realize that, today there is a silent war that we battle on a daily basis . A war so powerful that it can lead you to extremes and make your life terrible

Yes, I'm talking about the battle of odours. A smell that can drive you from being very pleasant and happy to an extreme irritable mood and depressed. An issue, that’s pretty much prevalent in all households, small or big, rich or poor, a bad odour shows no mercy when it spreads across all parts of the house

The source of bad smell would include:
  • Sweaty clothes,shoes and unwashed socks can be ranked among the top reason for a pungent smell that can really last a while.

  • Cooking : Though in most cases, cooking can really stir an aroma, it’s not always the case. Certain food items like garlic, fish, and chicken have a bad odour in them by default ,that can make some people even have breathlessness. Even when they use an exhaust fan the smell lingers on and the whole house becomes like a meat house with a rotten odour. Sometimes even when one forgets to switch off the burner and the food gets over burnt ,it can cause a deep pungent smell   

  • Pets : Despite being a huge pet lover, one should be forced to admit that pets like dogs can sometimes cause a bad smell. The smell nay not be directly coming from them ,but rather come from the pet supplies and even their food that can cause quite a stink

  • Garbage : The smell inside a house in most cases is determined by how they treat their garbage. A clean segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable is key in ensuring cleanliness goes a long way in preserving the original smell and not polluting the environment with the bad odours of items like rotten eggs, leftover food, pizzas etc

  • Bathrooms : One of the main source of bad odour in the house comes from the bathroom. If its not properly maintained, the smell can be extremely difficult to handle and can even spread to the neighbours. No matter how many buckets of water is poured ,it takes days for the smell to disappear .
Solution : So what do you do when you are faced with so many agents of bad odour attacking your house and yet you want to maintain a perfect house with a pleasant smell. To begin with , I’d purchase an Ambipur Air Freshner that can completely the odour in the house, and not just cover them

Spraying regularly in all parts of the house can ensure its longevity of the pleasant smell lingering over the house


Next step would be to discard old clothes. The soiled unwashed clothes would be dumped inside the sealed laundry bag. This can seal off the odours that emanate from the clothes as the bag will be sealed and restrict it.

The house will be decorated with fresh flowers in different corners as well as burning of incense sticks that can act as a natural freshner to the house to cover the bad odours

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Energizing Lives with a Fresh Move

Energizing Lives with a Fresh Move

Music can be defined in many ways. A cuckoo’s call can be music. A printed sheet of signs representing the different notations can be music. Clanking of bells in a temple can be music. A person singing with a divine voice losing herself completely in oblivion can be music. Playing of a piano with certain notes and order can also be called as music

Several dictionaries define music as an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. As much as debating how complex that definition sounds, the concept of music itself brings a huge cheer to so many people’s lives. In thousands of scenarios, music has acted like a divine medicine curing even the rarest of diseases.

To me music is an elixir and a necessity that definitely keeps my spirit and passion alive. It can channel my spirits in the right way and keeps me focused towards my goal as I remain undeterred. Music always hits the right nerves inside me as it can be an instant mood changer and makes me a totally different person as I plug into the headset dissolving myself into a different world as I lose track of my current.

There are several kinds of music that I have been fond of and a repeated listener. Some of the genres include Rock, Jazz, Blues, Carnatic Music Film songs and Pop songs. I have always appreciated all kinds of artists right from A.R.Rahman , Michael Jackson to Linkin Park and Metallica
On a recent note, the two people who has caught my eye is Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun, one famous for her music , while the other a celebrity known for his sizzling dance moves.

Anushka was a popular VJ in Channel V and slowly transitioned to the musical industry, thanks to her glorious voice. She became an instant hit with some of her popular chart busters include: Dance Basanti from Ungli, Allah Duhai Hai from Race 2, Golmaal, Tu Saala, Mit Jhaaye Ghum from Dum Maro Dum and currently sung more than 62 songs in multiple languages.

Allu Arjun on the other hand needs no introduction to the southern film fraternity. A Tollywood actor, known for his hit moves and even bigger hit dance moves. Fans have rejoiced and reveled in excitement ahead of his every movie expecting the bigger than life star , performing to his best and spinning out his dance moves to the popular film numbers.

If ever given a wish to see these stars perform, I’d wish that both Anushka and Allu perform together in a popular beach party festival. Beside the shores, a beach party festival is the most ideal place these two popular stars can perform as the huge crowd goes wild in excitement. This would be an event, that one can never forget as the two most popular stars, one excelling in dance while the other having an enchanting voice should be an irresistible combination.

Do check out my post on Fresh Dance Moves by Allu Arjun and Anushka.

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Energize Your Life with a MaxFresh Move

Energize Your Life with a MaxFresh Move

Music is an art form that can represent many different things to several people. For some music can be just a small hobby. For some music can be a distraction or even call it noise. For certain people, music can be their lifeline as it revives them from all kinds of depression, stress or tension

To me, music is everything in life. Be it a loud death metal music, a slow Jazz melody, a rock song or a popular film music song, anything can move me based on the given mood and situation. It can help me focus on an important thing that I’m working on and not be distracted by the people surrounding me. It acts as a sudden adrenalin rush to me, giving me that extra energy from the foot tapping beats and makes me excel in whatever I do. Be it during a heavy workout at the gym or running at the race tracks, listening to the songs in my headset certainly makes a huge difference to me

Being an art lover, I have always appreciated the various beautiful forms of art, being pictures, dance, drama and music. More importantly, wherever I go I prefer myself to be surrounded with dance and music that can really set the mood going. After a hard day’s at work, the first thing you’d want to do is to head to a club, let your hair down and unwind and dance to your fullest. All the stress, tension and work pressures you had encountered, you’d want to just dissipate them away as you dance furiously till the late hours of the night

So when asked my personal opinion on the best combo for Music-Dance, it should definitely be Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda. Allu Arjun, is a famous celebrity in Tollywood and known for his fantastic dance moves in all his movies , while Anushka is a pop diva in Bollywood and also a Ex VJ in Channel V. She became an instant success once people got to know about her enchanting voice that set her apart from other singers.

One of the most awaited scenarios that I’ve been awaiting is for these two to pair up and give a thundering performance in any of the concerts. An ideal scenario to host these two would be the most popular Sunburn & Supersonic Festival. A festival , where artists from all over the world come and perform ,would be the ideal stage for Anushka to sing her most popular tracks as Allu Arjun sets the stage on fire with his dance moves . This should ideally be the perfect showcase to the world about India's real talents, a definite MaxFreshMove. Hopefully this would come true one day and I’d be thrilled to witness one such spectacle

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Radiant Skin

Skincare is one of the most important topics that have been taken very seriously these days. People spend thousands of rupees to maintain that clear, radiating and fair skin without any blackheads, blemishes or pimples. Yet most of them are disappointed with lack of results, furiously looking for better alternatives.

The market is flooded with thousands of brands, selling face creams, moisturizers, cleansers, oil absorbent creams, face washes, anti-pimple creams, and toners etc. But one thing that’s common across all these products is the amount of chemicals and harmful agents that they may have included while preparation. Despite providing an immediate relief over various skin problems they may definitely have harmful side effects in the longer run
So I've gone ahead and listed out some of the most effective skin care techniques,based on my experience to ensure a long lasting fresh and radiating skin

They are as follows:

  • The first step in working towards a clean and radiating face is to first wipe off all the dust, sweat and oil that may have accumulated in the face. This is quite normal when one keeps roaming around outside in the hot sun, esp. during summers
  •  This should be followed by a face wash, minimum of thrice a day with warm salty water. This should make your face fresh and oil free without aggravating the acne. This is because, for those with oily skin, the most important point is to ensure the skin’s oil production is balanced without drying the face completely
  • Exfoliation: Exfoliating a skin once a week with a gentle scrub or any other product containing hydroxy acids will prevent blackheads from forming
  • Drinking Fresh Juices: To stay healthy and maintain a glowing fresh skin, there’s no easier alternative than consuming lots and lots of fresh fruit juices, especially between meals. Fruits like apple, orange, lime and other citrus fruits are loaded with Vitamin C that can give a rejuvenated feeling to the skin, especially in the face.
  • Cutting down on sugar: Sugar is one of those silent agents, which has the potential to break out acnes in multiples. So a sugar overloaded item like donuts, creams, and cakes can definitely cause a pimple overload and hence should definitely be avoided
  • Stress: The most visible effects of stress can be shown on the face and forehead. Stress hormones increases oil production that can build up throughout the day. This build up leads to clogged pores, breakouts and whiteheads. So the most important step in maintaining a clean fresh face is to completely cut down on anything that causes a lot of stress
  •  Drinking Water: I’m pretty sure everyone is aware of the numerous effects of drinking water. One of those important effects includes clearing the skin, improves digestion, boosting the immune system and drains down the oil content 
  • An Ayurvedic Solution : The above steps talked about the simple home remedy solutions that can maintain a clean skin. However in order to improve the overall health and skin texture of a skin, one should definitely go for a Ayurvedic way of treatment. An Ayurvedic cream like Vicco Turmeric cream leverages the microbicide properties of turmeric,prevents oily skin, fights pimples and clears blackheads.It doesn't contain the harmful cosmetical products/chemicals that other brands may use and would definitely heal your skin , and gives the radiant healthy skin, free of pimples and blackheads that you always desired for

For more details on Vicco Turmeric Cream , do check out the below link