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Game of Blogs 2 - Midway through the heart

Game of Blogs 2 - Midway through the heart

Connecting With the Law   

As a part of the Celebrate Blogging challenge, this is a continuation of a story as a part of a team


(Read the previous part of the Story HERE)

Cyrus was probably having the best time of his life as far as he could remember. He found himself smiling and laughing at everything. His displeasure at things vanished away and all he could think of was enjoying life at its fullest. Such was his mental state of mind after weeks of endless conversations with Jennifer especially after her invite to Kochi to spend time with her.

Being a law student at one of the most premiere institutions in the country, he did occasionally find a lot of pressure to manage his time amongst exams, case studies, reviews and other projects he was working on. But being a topper in his class, he couldn’t resist letting go of his top status and worked even harder to follow his passion.

Naturally, almost every professor including the HOD of his department saw him as one of the most valuable students in the college and had high hopes for his career. It came as no surprise that he was one of the top few students chosen as chief representatives from the law college to attend the International Symposium in Mumbai, the following week
Cyrus jumped at the offer, having been given a delightful getaway from his usual routine and a break from his good Ol’ Delhi. Cyrus received the complimentary airline and hotel tickets to Mumbai and couldn’t help but noticing it was a business class seat and the hotel was none other the famous Oberoi Hotel along the coastline of Marine drive in Mumbai.

Cyrus arrived in Mumbai the following Monday, a day when he usually spent the whole time at the college library pouring over countless books. As he entered the hotel, he couldn’t supress his awe of the grandeur of the hotel and considered himself lucky to be chosen as one of the top few for the international conference amidst several intelligent candidates.

After a refreshing bath in the Jacuzzi in his suite (that was a first for him!), he called the local cab to the venue where the conference was happening. He whisked past the beautiful broad streets of Mumbai, something contrastingly different to his Old Delhi. And as a mandatory stop, he stopped at one of the corners across the Bandra Worli Sea Link Bridge and took some panoramic shots across this engineering marvel alongside with many other tourists. After seeing the traffic pile up gradually, he quickly got into the cab and reached his destination.

The conference hall was huge and he could find almost hundreds of other aspiring law students in deep conversations in various huddles. He looked around for the registration desk when he happened to see a very vaguely familiar face. The man was in an old grey jacket, with greyish hair and carrying a brown tote bag in hand. Cyrus approached him and introduced him as one of the representatives from Delhi Law College and enquired if he was indeed the prominent Mr. Aryan Ahuja.
Ahuja, startled, looked up at this strange guy offering his hand. He looked quite taller than him, a typical law graduate face, large spectacles with an unkempt curly hair, but something in him made him instantly likable. Despite his appearance, Cyrus seemed to be a very intelligent person.
Ahuja smiled.  “Yes, I am indeed Aryan Ahuja” and offered his business card.
“What can I do for you”

“I am Cyrus Daruwalla, law student from Delhi Law College.”
Formalities done with, common interests discovered, they very soon began chatting on the latest law cases that were causing media frenzy across the nation and soon; the topics stretched out from rapes to crimes to education. They soon decided to catch up in a local pub, which was the key hangout place for the college kids. The conference ended up by 5pm, and after some boring lectures, Cyrus felt quite relieved to head out to the pub with Ahuja for an engrossing conversation. As the drinks flowed, Cyrus felt himself very comfortable and opening up to Ahuja. Cyrus talked about his favourite authors and the fascinating books he had read. It was then that he mentioned about one intriguing author, Shekhar Dutta whose book he had read and was actually inspired by him to write his own blog.

Ahuja, for a second was taken aback when he realized that Cyrus was actually talking about his next door neighbour. Ahuja stopped Cyrus at that moment and remarked “Cyrus, this Shekhar Dutta you have been talking about for so long is actually my next door neighbour.”

Cyrus couldn’t suppress his surprise and was stunned a wee bit. He began enquiring about Shekhar even more and more and found himself in deep thought. He was quite startled and even sad to know about Shekhar’s personal life while he was all along presuming that Shekhar had a wonderful life, writing books in his past time.

After more than a couple of hours, Cyrus asked Ahuja if he could indeed meet Shekhar. Ahuja hesitated for a moment and said, “I shall let you know soon Cyrus.”
Cyrus eventually agreed and set about his journey back to Delhi. Throughout the flight, his thoughts seemed to revolve around the conversations with Ahuja, especially the ones about Shekhar. It was a long flight and he slowly drifted into a deep sleep.

The story continues here ...

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Game of Blogs - Midway through the heart

Game of Blogs - Midway through the heart

Influencing Thoughts
This post is a part of the Bloggers Challenge by BlogAdda

Team : Qissa

A city of infinite possibilities, dreams and a varied culture absorbed in rich history, Delhi offered a lot to its age old population. Sirius aka Cyrus Daruwala was no exception to this and had been a hardcore Delhiite ever since.

Having taken his own path since childhood and not conforming to the common paths of his peers, friends and relatives, he always believed in an idealistic society. After a traumatic schooling, being alienated for his introvert behavior and constantly picked on by his classmates, even shifting to different schools in and around Delhi didn’t help much.

Cyrus envisioned the day he would live on his own, leading a life on his own terms and not those dictated by society. The day of his passing twelfth standard gave him new wings and a direction that he was always looking for. Looking around, he found thousands of people joining engineering, medicine and computer science. Yet the fire in him to change society and more importantly understand it meant that he had to pursue law. At least for him. A lawyer’s degree would enable him to understand the way the justice system functioned and more importantly, the ways in which one could get away with it.
While studying law he discovered his flair for writing. Always being surrounded by books in his little room, Cyrus had a passion for reading and for writing. Out of all the gifts he used to get for his birthdays, the ones he loved most were books. Everywhere he travelled, he wouldn’t miss buying at least one book to explore new cultures and ideologies. He even seemed to memorize many a line from several famous novels. Books about fantasy worlds, mysteries and science fiction seemed to enthrall him.  No wonder he had read The Lord of the Rings, the Harry Potter series and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy almost twice from cover to cover.
One fine Saturday evening, Cyrus took his usual stroll down the dilapidated streets of Old Dilli amidst the chaotic bazaars. He usually ignored the screams and calls of the hawkers selling everything from electronics to bags to clothes. However this time, his eye happened to catch upon a quaint little second hand bookshop that had hardly any onlookers. The books looked old but in perfect condition. Having loved the scent of old books, the smell naturally attracted him even closer to the store and the first thing he saw was a thick novel by an author called Shekhar Dutta. Something about the blurb of the novel made him want to purchase the book. The old man at the bookstore smiled and gave a small laugh. He then smirked “Fantastic choice for a guy like you. Do read”. Cyrus was even more attracted to that book and immediately paid its asking price and couldn’t wait to take it back home and devour it.
The book was finished in just a day, Cyrus having no qualms about forgoing his precious sleep in his objective to finish the book before dawn next day. The words kept swirling in his mind creating an illusion that he had never dreamt about. It created a haze and made him enter into a fantasy world where he couldn’t recognize himself. He lost track of time and place and had no idea where he was or what he was up to.
The week passed away, with him merely staring at a dull wall in his small apartment for hours together, missing several court appearances and cases. There were many missed calls as he couldn’t get away from the world Shekhar had created for him through the book.
Cyrus suddenly woke up with a start, feeling a completely different person than he was earlier. Everything around him looked new and he found himself getting out of his comfort zone and willing to express himself more clearly. He walked up to his neighbors and greeted them with small talk. It was something that he hadn’t done since he had moved to the apartment. He began idealizing Shekhar and began to act like the characters in the book, which was in a way a direct reflection of how Shekhar was in real life too.
Shekhar’s book defined a new style of writing that Cyrus longed to adapt. He began wishing that one day he’d turn up at his doorstep and tell him how much he meant to him and how he had changed his life in a significant way. Thus, what turned out to be a hobby in his spare time, in the pre-Facebook era, ended up becoming a zone where he could express his thoughts and get immersed in the fantasy world. He discovered blogging in his late twenties and began transcribing his thoughts into stories almost on a daily basis.
It all started with a case he had argued tooth and nail in court against a rich kid who had been accused of rummaging his car over two platform dwellers, after driving in an inebriated state. The case hanging in balance over a split verdict, he felt compelled enough to blog about it adding to it his own thoughts and sentiments of the case and his perception of society. He knew the dangers of writing the exact facts of a live case directly from his blog account, and that was the time he discovered the concept of a fictionalized form of a true story from Shekar’s book, and thus began his own story creating fictional characters and imaginary towns to illustrate the perils of society and the loopholes in it.

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Private India

 Listed as one of India's top fiction authors , Ashwin Singhi has crafted a niche in the mindset of the  Indian readers and across the world, esp post his famous "Krishna Key" novel

On the other side of the world, yet another name that pops out when you say crime novels, is James Patterson, being etremely famous for his Alex cross series , Private LA,London novels and his biggest hit till date , Pop Goes the Weasel

Nothing in the world makes me happy than the smell of a  new book. The excitement of a new novel, getting involved in a new story and a new world and forgetting the outside world can really be a wonderful experience for anyone who is into books. I am no exception . I have the tendency to forget all schedules and think about anything else only after finishing the book completely .
Being a book addict, I am a huge fan of crime and action thriller novels and some of my most favourite authors include Jeffrey Archer, Frederick Forsyth , Robin Cook , John Grisham and Sidney Sheldon. And in this club joins two more elite authors, namely James Patterson and Ashwin Singhvi
Listed as one of India's top fiction authors, Ashwin Singhi has crafted a niche in the mind-set of the Indian readers and across the world, esp post his famous "Krishna Key" novel
On the other side of the world, yet another name that pops out when you say crime novels, is James Patterson, being extremely famous for his Alex cross series, Private LA, London novels and his biggest hit till date , Pop Goes the Weasel
What happens when these two renowned authors come together to write a thrilling novel . The result is Private India , a fantastic page turner that can keep any reader awake till late hours of the night , engrossed in the story and its interesting characters
Set in the streets of Mumbai, Private India, a key detective agency takes on a series of challenging homicides and encounters several difficulties and obstacles on route . With the plot linking to several international connections, the plot thickens even further and what seems to be a straightforward case seems to be anything than that. 
The story traverses through characters across the world from Bangkok, Pakistan, US and their single thread of connection.. Given a typical James Patterson novel, Private India also revolves a mystical serial killer and even more intriguing ways of killing. The Private team has its hands full in solving this case where the bodies keep piling up and almost every advanced medical and technological techniques are deployed to decrypt the clues left behind, yet something keeps evading them
The storyline is kept tight and gripping with almost every page adding more interest to the story. It doesn’t goes into extreme detailing that can bore the authors, but rather faithfully sticks to the story as any good novel should be

I am not adding any much further to the story, so as to avoid any spoilers, so that you can enjoy the full experience
Thanks to Blog Adda book review club, I was fortunate to receive a signed copy of this wonderful novel , and finished it in just 2 days , from the day of its arrival. This is a definite treasure and really hope to cherish this one and probably even share it with other friends of mine for them to delight in this experience of this novel

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Sync'd with Univercell

Being a proud member of Indiblogger , I was given the privilege to be one among the few fellow bloggers in Chennai to be invited for the inauguration of the Universell concept store , called as Univercell Sync.

The Universell Sync"  was one of the few selected stores across the country chosen to be a model showroom for all buyers to infuse enthusiasm in their purchase , improve awareness in the various brands and models available and ultimately enhance their experience to a whole different level

A well thought out, cleary defined strategy to woo consumers in making them understand the different features and utilities in the smartphones in this digital age and subsequently taking mobile shopping standards to a whole different level

Standing tall ,unfathomed by the rage of online sales, Univercell Sync continuously proves , why a direct retailing and purchasing experience after literally feeling and using the phone , can never be paralleled to an online purchasing experience ,which may end up going wrong in so many levels

The store layout is remodeled on an intelligent design to organize the phones, accessories and other phones based on the needs and utilities rather than the price of the products unlike other stores. This gives every buyer access to all the varieties available for a specific utility (eg, a HD high level camera phone) in the same place irrespective of the price than being distributed across different places per price. This manages effectively to both cross and upsell for the buyers and also give a full satisfaction to the consumers, that they bought something post a thorough understanding of the features

The store is divided into Music, Camera , Play and Work ,Mobile Service, Apps and Accessories, General Category zones. Each zone covers all the brands and models of phones,speakers , accessories that can suit each person's requirements. The store layout is organized very spaciously for people to walk around comfortably without the fear of tripping over a phone or something else. No doubt, this is the largest mobile showrooms compared to any other competitor who solely focuses on mobiles and tablets alone

The Music zone is what caught me , just like one of those audio booths back in those days in Spencer Plaza where we could listen to our favourite tracks in an enclosed space. Built on a similar concept, this music zone has all the latest mobiles,mobile speakers and portable docks that can make users listen to music on the move or dock the mobiles in the docking station , switch on the music from the phone directly, while it gets charged from the inbuilt battery outlet

The whole experience seemed to be a fruitful one, gaining so much knowledge on latest mobile trends and purchase behaviour in the smartphone era

So next time you are planning to purchase a mobile or even remotely interested in seeing a variety of all the latest phones and accessories , be sure to check out the Univercell Sync store , now available in various cities across India.

Here are some of the shots I took during my visit to the Univercell Sync launch event :