Monday, June 30, 2014

Baggout shopping with a celebrity

Being Human with Baggout

After scouring for several hours for good deals in fashion and electronics I found myself giving up with the conclusion that there are no good reliable deal sites that can actually do a data crawl across different sites to find the best option
With the onset of e-commerce, sites like and were quick to catch on the bandwagon and create a site that can do a data crawl across multiple operators and get the best available options. scourged more than 1000+ bus operators across the country and gave the best lowest prices on different buses between destinations. on the other hand gave a complete movie/play listing of all the theatres and movies in a city and gave a one stop shop to book tickets
I wondered with the possibility that it may not be however true for e-retailing in the fashion, electronics, mobiles markets. However my assumption was grossly misstated , when I chanced upon . is a site that can traverse through of 100’s of online retailers aiming to find the perfect deals that can offer to almost 50% of discounts or cashbacks .  The sites included , ,, and several other sites that could offer latest designs in apparel, mobiles, electronics, watches and much more . The site also allowed users to share interesting deals and showcase latest trends in fashion , new arrivals where people can easily navigate the site, search for the desired product , go through the link and avail the discounts and cash backs for the product
I imagined a hypothetical scenario if an interesting personality wants to shop through and I choose the celebrity to be our own Bhai ,Salman Khan
Salman Khan known for his peculiar taste in dressing esp in tshirts , would want to look for something different and interesting.A design that he likes to experiment with or something that hasn’t caught up yet. Sites like Jabong, , and several other sites always come up with thousands of new products almost everyday and its hard to keep track what’s new and which could be the next biggest thing in the fashion industry. So on the hypothetical scenario , Salman would login to ,by first creating a profile  .
He’s amazed at hundredes of participating retailers including ,,,, ShoppersStop, ,,, to name a few, offering amazing cashbacks and discounts

After narrowing it down to clothing, Salman checks out the top trending items in clothing as of today and after thinking about it in detail, prefers he should probably go in for a hemline Pseudo collared Vneck shirt from Proline or Indian Terrain. His choices to buy now include,, and

 He now finds that Jabong and offers a massive discount of 40% irrespective of min order amount , when applied a deal code of WOW40 , which he learns it through . He immediately sets down to filter his choices in the two sites and finds the exact tshirt he’s looking for . Actually not the one he started for or wanted to buy but his eyes struck something that could be perfect for him. A Simple crisp “BEING HUMAN” tshirt that could totally project him anywhere he could .
He immediately places the order in the cart , applies the coupon code “WOW40” as specified by and checks out the delivery page

He finds the shirt delivered to him in less than one and half days and he proudly wears it in his promo for the trailer of his latest film “KICK”

Jai HO  !!

Connecting with CarConnect

Thanks to I recently discovered a wonderful ,unique one of its kind website that brings to together all automobile & driving enthusiasts across the country, called The Car Connect,

Car Connect unlike other travel sites, is more of a travel experience forum where thousands of  users across India ,who love long drives and consider to be more of a passion  frequenting the highways ,share their experience about the trip ,travel companion and more importantly their car

The site offers a fresh experience while sharing a travel experience to be read and acknowledged by several other people who share a similar interest . Whats more illuminating and a bit amusing, more than the trip by itself, people's descriptive nature to share their car's make, model and performance . The energy to bring it out the liking they have towards their car can be really worthwhile reading and actually give a tip or two to many people who are interested in buying a new car

Apart from sharing car experiences and long drive experiences , car connect allows you to find and compare the latest cars in the market, identify  cars that are in your budget, be up to date with the latest trends of the auto industry and above all, interact with like-minded people sharing similar interests and network with them . This one point alone can be a huge USP for such a wonderful site which attempts to do what other sites cant do or failed to achieve

Share your Experience 

Sharing your experience couldnt be any easier in car connect, and all you need is a facebook account and you can sign up in almost instantly and start posting your stories . I posted my narrowing account of my recent car experience while driving to a party in and just earned my bronze badge succesfully

Earn your Badge !

To make things more interesting , carconnect has a feature of awarding badges and merchandise to individuals who regularly post their experiences in total of 5 experiences earns you a silver badge and the first 500 to unlock the Gold Badge receive an exciting CarConnect branded mug

The other badges include Gold, Platinum and the Diamond and users can get some exciting goodies including Tshirts , Key chains and even added to expert panels in CarConnect community and included for their meets

To know more about the CarConnect program and the various badges do check out this link :

Car News :

Another exciting and must visit section is the car news page where you get to read about latest rumours and exciting launches from major car manufacturers . It really helps in staying updated on the automobile trends to understand where the market is heading

Among the new launches section I was actually surprised to learn that Ford is launching a new variant of their flagship model , Ford Fiesta for just 7.69 Lakhs, which comes as a surprise news for many people including me who are considering to buy a sedan in the mid 8 Lakh Range and this actually can fit in one's budget very comfortably and with Ford's reputation it should definitely be a big hit

Read the full news here :
Network & Chat with the Experts

Well you have blogged about your experience, read the latest news on the auto market. Just dont wait any longer , fire up the chat option in car and start networking with thousands of other car enthusiasts ! Login to the chat room in the below link

Do connect with me at Car-Connect by searching for Karthik H
Happy Driving & Car-Connecting Folks !!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Oman : Reliving the Arabian Nights

After hours of scouring through hundreds of countries on the world map to identify the perfect location for a vacation with an unparalleled experience, the answer lay right in front of my eyes hidden in plain sight.

Orthographic projection of Oman in a Globe
Source : Wikipedia 

A beautiful Arab State in southwest Asia on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula bordering the mouth of the Persian Gulf.  It was the Oman Empire !

The country where the great sailor Sinbad began his epic journeys from the coastal oasis of Sohar thus beginning the tales of the Arabian Nights

With an irresistible and a stirring history that combines the rich Bedouin tradition , extraordinary forts and other traditional architecture. ,Oman's diverse natural beauty by itself is the main trump card and a paradise for those who visit it. Here you'll find long stretches of pristine raw beaches, the ramparts of mountain ranges and the perfectly sculpted sands of the fabled Empty Quarter. Esp if you're an adventure lover, there's no better place in the world where you'd want to be other than Oman

Oman has got something for almost everyone, be it scuba diving , camel racing, trekking in the cliffs of the gorgeous Oman valleys or rock climbing in the rugged mountains to up to nearly 3000 metres , or scuba diving in the the most prominent diving areas around the capital

 Listing the varied things  to do in Oman  and reasons to visit , it could be an endless exercise but if I were to summarize the Top 10 of them , here's what I do :

Top 10 reasons why you should visit Oman

1. One of the most beautiful countries in the world , and definitely rated one of the top tourist destinations in the world

2. To experience the Arabian jewel in the Middle East with a rich blend of history , culture

3.To experience the vast Arabian deserts and indulge in some awesome dune bashing in a 4*4

4. Budget Friendly for travelers across all countries including India

5. A plethora of Archaeological sites including forts , museums and caves

6. Extremely beautiful secluded beaches

7. Nearly  20 + diving spots in the country and indulge in scuba diving as well in the beautiful ocean

8. Absolutely gigantic mountain cliffs, rocks and valleys to spellbound any person in the world

9. To Experience and photograph the breathtaking Omani Architecture

10.  Shopping in Souks  : From khanjars to framed silverwork, gold and spices, this labyrinth of alleyways in Oman Souks are endless and you can never get tired of shopping for more

To top it all Oman is regarded one of the most safest , peaceful countries in the world, esp for Tourism

Top 10 Things to Do  in Oman

 1.   Scuba Diving: As per the Oman Tourism website ,the most prominent diving areas around the capital Muscat are: Al Khayran, Al Fahil Island, Dimaniyat Islands, Al Makbara Bay (Old Muscat)

Source : Oman tourism Youtube Channel

2. Shopping : From khanjars to framed silverwork, gold and spices, this labyrinth of alleyways in the Oman souks are endless and you can get amazing deals if you know the right technique for bargaining

3. The Empty Quarter Desert
Visit the biggest desert in the Arabian Peninsula , with its infinite Sandunes ,though void of any oasis and experience a Dune Bashing in one of those monstrous 4* 4 vehicles
Several Specialised companies organise tours of the Empty Quarter, led by experienced guide

4.Dolhpin Watching
Visit the enchanted sights of dolhpins  jumping around the sea in delightful loops along the shores of  A'Sharqiyah South Governorate and AlWasta

5. Visit the Grand Mosque in Muscat  :
Among several activities in an Oman's tour, a must visit is His Majesty’s Sultanate Qaboos’ Grand Mosque.  It is the second largest mosque in the world, following the Abu Dhabi Mosque.  The Grand Mosque boasts the largest chandelier in the world that weighs over 7 tons.  

6. Exploration to the caves : With its rich ancient Middle Eastern history, Oman has got large natural caves in several parts of the country . Some of the key ones include the ones in Dhofar Governorate, Abu Habban Cave, AlHoota Cave etc and should be definitely included in one's itinerary to the country
Source : Pic Courtesy Buzzfeed - Regha Jha

7.Drive over the Hajar Mountains from Al-Hamra to Wadi Bani Awf, Oman's most spectacular road

8. Enjoy the very famous Omani cuisine and taste their spices , kebabs, baklawas and end with one of their famous hookahs

9. Experience the gorgeous Wadi Shab, one of the most gorgeous destinations in Oman. Beyond the breathtaking entrance, the Wadi entices you with views of aquamarine pools, waterfalls and terraced plantations and kingfishers 

10. City Tour of Muscat & Nizwa : Visit the Muscat moosques, head on to Muttrah, a delightful quarter of Muscat, experience the shopping in the busy souk and finally to the Old Town where you proceed on foot, strolling around Portuguese forts Jalali and Mirani and Qasr Al Alam
Nizwa is another historic town , couple of hours from Muscat surrounded by thick palm oasis, forming a natural gateway to the historic sites of Bahla and Jabrin
For more info on Toursim of Oman ,visit 

Friday, June 06, 2014

The 100 ways of technology

The 100 ways of technology

With the advent of technology reaching right into our palms in mobile phones and the latest frenzy, tablets, it's been possible to achieve a lot of things with a 7 inch 150 gram device , that a 21 inch 15 KG desktop cant do. I have listed an exhaustive Top 100 things you can do with such an amazing net connected device here
  1. Whatsapp messaging : With an unlimited data plan in my mobile , I am connected to the WWW 24*7 and hence endless messaging in Whatsapp with friends across the world
  2. Google Sky Map : exploring the endless sky and identifying objects using Google Sky Map App
  3. Selfies
  4. Instagram pictures of food when ordering in hotels and shops. Explore the various collections of pictures friends and others have posted in Instagram site/app
  5. I'd use sites like and app to book flight tickets with a online app discount 
  6. Facebook Posts: Keep checking the facebook timeline for new posts and status updates from friends and update mine
  7. Twitter : Read the tweet timeline and check out what different political leaders has to say on the affairs of the economy
  8. Play quizup quiz in my phone/tablet and send challenges to several people across the world
  9. Read ebooks using my EZ PDF Reader
  10. Ask and answer questions in Quora
  11. Google search
  12. Writing blog posts for Indiblogger contests with
  13. Playing candy crush
  14. Skype video calls with friends and loved ones
  15. Send voice messages with Wechat , Line
  16. Make Free Voice calls with Viber with friends across the world
  17. Check Personal mails with GMail app
  18. Download  latest hit songs off the internet
  19. Stream  Youtube videos
  20. Bluetooth file transfer pictures and files with other friends
  21. Track cricket scores with
  22. Play Twitter contests and win prizes
  23. Check in to places using Foursquare and earn badges
  24. Watch movies already loaded in my Tablet/Phone
  25. Listen to my song playlist in my phone
  26. Take photos of places and people when outside
  27. While in a club or a hotel, use Shazam to identify the track that is playing
  28. Work !  : Yes , even if I am outside I constantly check corporate mail and try to track important mails and schedules
  29. Pin interesting content in and reshare other’s posts
  30. Use Google Maps to navigate the area while going out
  31. Use evernote app to note interesting thoughts or points to remember
  32. While going out to a gym , use apps like Jefit Pro Fitness and get fitness tips and exercise schedules to be done
  33. Design images using the photo apps in my phone
  34. Create/edit powerpoint presentations in my phone on some important presentation that I was working on
  35. Use apps like Burrp and Zomato to identify new restaurants and clubs to hang out
  36. Being a member of many forums, will login to these sites and track the different threads people post and try replying to them
  37. Using theatre apps like bookmyshow will login and check for new movie releases and plays , events and concerts happening in the city
  38. From a few movie sites, will download the latest TV Serials and movies directly in my phone/tablet
  39. Read other’s blogs in Indiblogger and Network with other fellow bloggers in
  40. With an online game like Frontline commando  or Counterstrike ,will play with other friends on the network who are also online and logged into the game
  41. Host a tweetup with Twitter and FB friends on the move
  42. Check out new deals in Deal sites like Groupon ,TimesDeal and so on and reshare some interesting deals in  FB and Twitter
  43. Do online shopping for  gadgets, games and clothes with sites like Flipkart , Amazon etc
  44. Use a pedometer app in phone to track the calories and distance that I walked/ran while outside
  45. Dig and find some interesting articles using sites like and
  46. Chat live with multiple people using Google talk
  47. Use the basic form of messaging , SMS to people who aren’t connected to the net or one who doesn’t own a smartphone
  48. Read interesting articles in Wikipedia
  49. Update job status updates with
  50. Track the recent local and international news with BBC , Hindu and MSN apps/sites
  51. Check recent international movie releases and review and rate movies in
  52. Online Netbanking  from my tablet/phone with my HDFDC app
  53. Book train tickets using the mobile app of IRCTC from my phone/app
  54. Paypal : I'd Transfer and receive money to people using Paypal which is easy and almost instant
  55. Rottentomatoes : Check out the RT score of every movie released 
  56. Would review the Local listings in a site similar to craigslist                          
  57. Upload pictures and files to dropbox
  58. Travel sites : Explore different holiday packages and last minute deals on the move with sites like Makemytrip , Yatra etc
  59. Track live weather with app
  60. Read entertainment news using Huffington post and Glam Media
  61. Play online inapp gaming like Farmville
  62. Check Online dating profiles with sites like , etc
  63. – Will read upon and even write some Hotel and place reviews
  64. Pay telephone , electricity , water tax and other bills with my credit card with a mobile app
  65. Manage my blog advertising and earn the revenue through my Adsense account
  66. Read humor pages in app
  67. Read and learn technical info, programming courses using sites like
  68. Apply for jobs in different companies using and mobile app
  69. Being a marketing person, I meet a lot of customers and hence load leads and opportunities in with their mobile app
  70. : Track recent book releases , and post my book reviews online
  71. – Chat with random strangers across the world
  72. Try to learn new  things and get more awareness on day to day activities using
  73. Order food through online delivery sites like foodpanda, etc, etc
  74. Playing instruments in my tablet/phone  like Flute , Piano and Drums with my instrument apps
  75. Sell my less important things and also buy from other sellers using app
  76. Play pranks on my friends with humor apps like TalkingTom app
  77. Track , Buy and sell stocks using online trading apps
  78. AroundMe - a handy app to use out and about when I need to find all of the local amenities based around my current position
  79. Vote for online petitions with popular Survey and petition apps
  80. Track money spent with Pocketmoney app : This app makes it as easy as possible to keep track of your money with its plethora of functions, including photo receipts, scheduled transactions, reports and charts
  81. WolphramAlpha: On the fly analysis of anything under science, be it maths , physics or even an indepth analysis of financial ratios between any two companies , available right in your mobile
  82. Techcrunch : A wonderful app and site to read about news on startups and exciting product launches
  83. : Being a remote worker job place board, i'd try to find some quick tasks job that i can easily do it in my sparetime
  84. Disqus : Helps in fuelling my literature passion and also helps me post comments in the web and networked blog posts
  85. I'd Check out the daily Google Doodle in the homepage
  86. : To aid to my work,I use to create flowcharts, network diagrams, sitemaps, etc
  87. Print from the app : With my  Cloud print app , Ill print important documents directly from my phone
  88. : Just to while away time, I’d login to to  pick random numbers, flip coins, and more
  89. – I’d broadcast events live over the web, including my phone, tablet screen 
  90. While on travel,  I would login to to  track flight status at airports worldwide.
  91. While writing important documents on the move , I’d make a few critical grammatical mistakes. Hence would  use – check my writing for spelling or grammatical errors.
  92. Being a huge fan of music , I would use sites like to use music sheets, write my own music online directly from phone and tablet without even a pen or paper 
  93. – create paintings and sketches with a wide variety of brushes right there in a mobile browser 
  94. – discover new sites that are similar to what I like already
  95. – track the status of any shipment on Google Maps 
  96. – I'll create a temporary web page that self-destruct , just for the fun of it
  97. – I'd hire people online to do little things for $5. 
  98. – create mind-maps, brainstorm ideas in the browser.
  99. Mobile Price comparisons : With a mobile price checker app like, I'd compare across prices of tablets and mobiles across different e-commerce cites
  100. Call people the old fashioned way
This post was my submission to the ASUS Transformer contest
DO check out their recent launch of their transformer book T100 :