Saturday, July 24, 2010

Inception (** Spoiler Alert ** )

Having witnessed an amazing spectacle or rather a manifestation of infinite brilliance , I was awaken from my deep hiatus in the blogging world to write a review or rather a mere ode to what critics might call , one of the best movies of the decade - 'Inception'

Christopher Nolan begins with his usual style of narration, a jumbled "jigsaw" screenplay , as seen from all his previous movies , including "The Prestige", "Memento", "Following" "Batman Begins" and goes on to do what he does best - Film Making.

With a flawless execution and an ingeniously brilliant idea in mind, he takes the viewers into a never ending journey into the infinite dream states of the mind,one could ever imagine, or rather "dream" . There has been several discussions all over,debating whether the totem keeps spinning infinitely(Dream state n-1) , or did it
actually begin to wobble slightly to come to an end (The Reality), as the film credits rolls by in the screen.
The movie also gives complete control and liberty to the viewer on its entire assumption and the whole platform the story is built upon
Someone even tweeted "10 years down the line, Inception will be a Religion"

And here i give you the freedom to let you decide upon your perspective.of this phenomenon

I am still dreaming, probably in my "n-1" dream state , as the totem keeps spinning on its indefinite course...

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Direct Marketing by Dell

Direct Marketing by Dell

The digital revolution of the 20th century set upon another rebellion and clutter in the technology market, among the different brands.  The need to differentiate arose not only in the products but also in how they sold. The lack of customization and flexibility literally toughened sales in the usual wholesaler retail channel. The idea of selling computers directly to consumers, by eliminating all middlemen was completely new-fangled. 

It originated from Dell, who began selling their computers directly to consumers, online, and aimed at selling effective computing solutions. The computers were custom assembled as per the list of options provided, and were sold at far cheaper prices than their retailer counterparts. It further branched out to sell printers, servers, digital cameras and televisions.

Dell began to become the number one PC     provider in the US and also offered great PC deals directly to consumers and businesses. It included all kinds of software/ anti-virus promotions, Dell coupons code and Dell PC buying incentives available all over the internet. Their key target market of large and medium enterprises, embraced the new method of their selling online and became a runaway success, and soon adopted by every player in the market. 

Its interesting to wait and see , how the direct marketing could ply out in other businesses as well esp with the growth of the web

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Printing Services

Printing Services

The revolution in the world of IT and media has brought along with it, countless no of small businesses, each trying to capture a niche in the wide open space in the market. These businesses has created endless opportunities and needs in the printing space. Hence the printing space, too wasn’t spared from adapting to this change in the IT Space , and one such positive change , was the emergence of digital online printing services

With full customizations, mail order delivery, personalized design changes and providing an unique packaging identity , at almost 1/10 th of the cost , compared to expensive print shops, its definitely seen as the next big thing in PsPrint services and a big boon for small businesses and startups. The online printing service , also offers the advantage of an electronic transfer of data that speeds up production schedules , which also includes customizable templates, business ready solutions and easy to use interfaces . The online printing service companies have adapted and expanded their scalability to service from small businesses to large scale industries

Psprint is one such unique leading online printing service , that offers everything from design services to specialty printing services and mailing services. They also have a product range offering that includes business card printing, booklet, poster, postcard & catalog printing