Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dream come True - Meeting with Archer

The Master Storyteller in Town

It certainly is one of those rare days , when one gets to meet face to face with their role model who have inspired them so much in their life..That day came for me today , when Lord Archer , the greatest novelist in the world came down to Chennai , to promote his recent book, A Prisoner of Birth

The speech he gave was one of those finest speeches i ever heard in my life.

Some extracts from his speech :

"I 'd go to London and let the major authors there,know that their book is not an international bestseller , if it isnt sold at a traffic signal in Delhi or Chennai"

"The Prisoner of Birth might be similar to The Count of Monte Cristo , but the way i made it different was its plot,the prison life and the way Danny Cartwright takes revenge . Every Novel I write is a part of my biography and so is Prisoner of Birth.Even Jane Austen wrote almost six novles which was mostly inspired from her own life "

"The T20 is not cricket at all. Real Cricket is where , Rahul Dravid & V.V.S.Laxman plays two full days in Melbourne in a Test Match against a formidable Australian Attack. "

"I write from morning 6-8, take a 2 hr break, again resume writing from 10-12,take a 2 hr break,again write from 2-4, a 2 hr break and then resume from 6-8
After 55 days of this routine ,i complete only my first draft.
The Prisoner of Birth took 17 drafts to complete. So to all u budding authors , when u come and tell me ,'I have finished my book'. Ur wrong. U have just completed your first draft"

"The beauty of R.K.Narayan lay in narrating a story , about a funny simple fictional village with small characters and in the process making them giants. Whereas other authors make giants into small people.

"The only thing in which I have a better record with J.K.Rowling , is that, her first Harry Potter was rejected by 16 publishers , and my first book "Not A Penny More Not A Penny Less" was rejected by 18 publishers"

"I will be back in December to see England thrash India in the test tour. The Score card will read, Sehwag 0 , Sachin 1 , Ganguly 2 ,Dravid 2 ,Laxman 1 and it will be 25 for 7 at Lunch . and u See I'm a Story Teller :) "
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Subash said...

Congralutions on your dream come true:-) Am a great fan of Mr.Archer as well, but missed this golden oppurtunity.

GarGi Dixit/Unpretentious Diva said...

True Jefferey Archer is nice novelist!

His best being "As the crow flies", "The train robbery"
The Prodigal Daughter, Kane & Abel, The 10th Commandment, many more..

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

You meant R.K.Narayan, right?

And loved Archer'squotes!!! :)

bestabhi said...

i have no interest in reading novels or books but reading excrepts of archer, i think i may read one of his book.. it is really nice speech.... after all he is story teller and record breaker of J K rowling.....

Soumil said...

lucky u dude !